Season 5 Episode 22

D-Money Loses His Patience

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM May 22, 2000 on UPN

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  • This episode is about Dorian's recent behavior finally taking its toll. Also, Moesha is faced with a dilemma to go with Q on tour or stay home and continue her relationship with Hakeem.

    I like this episode because we see Moesha and Q once again on the verge of a reconciliation. But I didn't like how Hakeem and Niecy did her. They were suppose to be the only ones who wouldn't let her down. But they failed. Anyway, Hakeem knew that him and Moesha was having problems considering his work schedule. But him kissing Niecy was just the cherry on the sundae. I also didn't like how Frank just shipped Dorian off to boot camp without a single explanation. I agree he doesn't treat Dorian like his other kids though he claims he cares for him. Even though Moesha and Q had their problems when they were going out, Q wouldn't dare cheat on her or "accidentally" kiss her best friend. That was the highlight of the show. I'm glad she decided to get back with Q and go on tour with him. He seemed sincere then but on into the relationship he wanted to change up on her. But Hakeem wouldn't have to beg so hard if he tried his best to keep their relationship strong. I wouldn't have forgiven Niecy so fast as Moesha did though. What she did is unforgivable. Then Niecy gonna act like what she did wasn't all that big of a deal. She should have sympathized with how Moesha felt about the situation. I gave it that score because I don't think Frank should have sent Dorian to boot camp.