Season 6 Episode 9

Definitely Not the Cosbys

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Nov 13, 2000 on UPN

Episode Recap

Moesha is looking forward to Q's visit for Thanksgiving, until Niecy reminds her that she needs to tell her dad about her engagement. The next day, Moesha spots Hakeem at The Pendulum and tries to apologize for keeping her engagement a secret but he isn't ready to forgive her yet. Frank arrives for his lunch date with Moesha. She breaks the news that she and Q are engaged. Upset and furious, Frank storms out. At home, Dorian and his new girlfriend, Kristen, give Myles a pizza and sneak off to Frank's bedroom. Myles carelessly puts the boxed pizza in the oven to warm up. Frank later arrives home to find smoke pouring out of the oven. As the smoke alarm goes off, Kristen comes running into the kitchen wearing Frank's robe. Frank scolds Dorian for inviting a girl over to the house unannounced. Dee calls Frank from Jamaica when things calm down and as they talk, it's clear that he feels he's losing control. They wish each other happy anniversary and declare that their family is nothing compared to the Huxtables from The Cosby Show. As Frank sits on the couch, he indulges into a fantasy about the Huxtables with the members of the family as the "cast." Denise (Moesha) talks to Vanessa (Niecy) in the kitchen and reveals her secret engagement to a musician. Cliff (Frank) enters and Vanessa blurts out the secret. Cliff gives Denise a "Cosby" style talk about the cost of rent, tuition. food, etc., and she agrees to wait before getting married. He makes himself a vistory hoagie but is interrupted by Clair (Dee) before he can take a bite. She encourages him to talk to Theo (Dorian) about bringing girls into his room. Theo receives a wonderful "Cosby" talking to, as well. Later, Cliff and Clair are on their way out to an anniversary dinner when the kids dance and lip-synch to a raucous blues song. Frank slowly returns to reality. Moesha arrives and says she's ready to have a serious conversation but first, she and the kids have a surprise. She opens the door and Dee enters.