Season 2 Episode 22

For Better or Worse

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM May 06, 1997 on UPN



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    • Dee: Ladies I've got to do some work in there so are you finished your homework yet?
      Kim: Homework? Thats what homeroom is for.
      Moesha: Actually we're planning an engagement party
      Frank: Engagement?! Boy I will kill that camoflage wearing...
      Moesha cuts in
      Moesha Daddy, daddy, daddy, its not for me. Remember I don't see Q any more? Its Niecy's party please.
      Frank Niecy? Who'd want to marry her?
      Dee Frank! But who does want to marry her?

    • Moesha (voiceover): Well, its finally happened. Niecy's got a normal boyfriend. Steven doesn't mumble, have bad breath or have any extra toes or anything like that. Hmm, he's smart too. He graduated early and now he's headed straight for college. Its hard to believe I introduced them only a month ago, cause now they're truly madly deeply in love and not a moment too soon. We were starting to think the problem was Niecy!

  • Notes

    • this episode comes back later in the series when Nicey finally admitts she had sex with Steven this night.

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