Season 1 Episode 2


Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Jan 30, 1996 on UPN

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  • I loved this episode because it was about how important friendship is.

    Ashli askes Moesha to be a cheerleader, but she declines several times.Then Frank finds out that Dee is a year older than him, so he starts teasing her about it.The next day, Ashli askes Moesha agin, and she declines. Kim is really desperate be a cheerleader. Kim begs Moesha to try out with her, so Moesha finally does it. When they do the try outs, Kim does extremly well, while Moesha does okay.Later,the cheerleaders post up who made the squad. Kim is excited when she makes the squad, but Mo is shocked. As the day progresses, Frank still is teasing dee. Kim gets alot of praise and Moesha can't take it. When all the cheerleaders come in the den, Kim and Moesha get into a little fight. Then Moesha goes home, and Hakeem tells her she was wrong. The next day, they both apologize and make up.Kim has taught the squad a new cheer. Then Brady's song "Best Friends" start playing. I love that song.
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