Season 5 Episode 1

Good Vibrations?

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Aug 23, 1999 on UPN

Episode Recap

Moesha has decided to forego college since she's been offered a writing position at "VIBE Magazine," a hip-hop journal. While her parents don't support her decision, her friends envy all the stars she'll meet at the magazine. However, it turns out that the position is not as a staff writer, but as a gopher. She's only submitting stories to the editor Joe Scott. Joe calls in the receptionist, Kasey, because she made a mistake on an important message from singer Baby Face. Everyone assumes Kasey will be fired, but she's surprisingly promoted to Marketing Director. Andrea, a co-worker, tells Moesha that Kasey probably slept with Joe to get the promotion, implying that Moesha may be propositioned too, since she's trying to become a staff writer. When Joe asks Moesha to a Mary J. Blige album-listening party, she assumes he's going to proposition her. She confides in Andell, admitting that she's just a gopher who's looking for her big break. Andell tells her to make sure she has witnesses of the proposition because it's difficult to prove sexual harassment. Moesha arms Niecy and Hakeem with a tape recorder and seats them near her table. When Joe mentions how important good relationships are to one's success, Moesha makes a scene. She soon realizes that she took everything out of context when Joe's wife arrives and tells her how proud he is of her hard work.

Meanwhile, Moesha's cousin Dorian (a.k.a. D-Money) arrives at the Mitchells' after running away from his Oakland home. Myles had been hiding him in his bedroom when Frank sees him in the living room. Frank and Dee decide to let him live with them.