Season 4 Episode 2


Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Oct 13, 1998 on UPN

Episode Recap

After the Brandy concert, Myles feels very lonely because Moesha isn't around in the household anymore and that she's with Andell and her other friends. But actually, Andell is sick and tired of having Moesha around and Moesha is mad that Andell is grumpy with her. Ironically she feels that being at Bridgewoood Academy is still not the same but when she decides to visit her friends and so Dee accepts and understands and wants Moesha to be at the house to see her grandmother. Granda Mitchell arrives home and she wants later (whom agrees with Myles) for Moesha to come home and be treated like an adult should be treated. The others agree and so does Dee which Ruty puts her in a bad spot. Frank rejects there answers and stick to his own decisions. After all that no one is speaking to each other and Frank doesn't want a birthday party. But Myles finds a way to make this whole situation stop and make everything back to normal or so he thinks by gathering everyone together for Frank's birthday. Everything turns out well untill Ruthy makes a bad remark on Dee's cooking and then there's a fight. But Moesha tells Frank what Myles said and Franks tells Moesha what Myles said. Myles is later busted and everyone is arguing and Myles can't take it anymore and wants his family back together. Frank then later with a heart, wants Moesha to come back home because this is where she belongs and Moesha accepts and does wants to be home for good. And after all that issue, it's all settled with. Then the next day Frank decided in the end to let Moesha go back to Crenshaw High School to spend her senior year with her friends.