Season 5 Episode 4

Mis-Directed Study

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Sep 13, 1999 on UPN



  • Trivia

    • Frank, Dee, and Hakeem say that they want to go see the movies Illuminata, Wild Wild West, and Lockdown, but Lockdown didn't come out until a year later, Illuminata came out the year before, and Wild Wild West didn't come out until the summer of that year.

  • Quotes

    • Dee: This won't happen again, right?
      Myles: Right.
      Officer: I don't ever want to see you in front of a liquor store again.
      Frank: (to Myles) You'd rather see him than answer to me.

    • Dee: Are you sure about this?
      Officer: I'm sure, ma'am, we don't get many calls for 12-year-olds trying to buy beer.
      Frank: Dorian, you know anything about this?
      Dee: Start talking.
      Dorian: One of the guys told Myles to go get beer, but none of us knew he'd take it seriously.

    • Dorian: Finally, they're gone, now I can watch the Discovery channel.
      Frank: That game may work on your aunt, but not on me.
      Dorian: You're right, you're too smart to fall for that.
      Frank: That one's not gonna work either.

  • Notes

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