Season 3 Episode 5

My Mom's Not an Ottoman

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Sep 16, 1997 on UPN



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    • Moesha: Andell, I didn't really wanna bring this up but, little Myles got a urinary problem.
      Andell: Well, you know cranberry juice clear that right up.

    • Andell: Aren't you Tracy Chanta Jackson? You used to deliver furniture for the Rent-a-Center.
      Tracy: You ain't got to get ugly. And by the way, it's Jacksohn.

    • Kim: (picking up a lamp) Ooh, this is cute!
      Niecy: I'll take that. You don't even have electricity.
      Kim: Girl, you don't even have a table to put it on. What you ane your brother gonna do, take turns holding it?

    • Andell: Did anyone buy the sofa?
      Tracy: Uh, excuse me. I know your not talking about my sofa.
      Andell: Well, I guess not since I never been to your house.
      Dee: Andell has expressed interest in the sofa as well.
      Tracy: Well, if you want your sofa to suffocate under plastic slip covers, stained with hot sauce, be my guest.
      Andell: Oh! Sticks and stones may break my bones, but your words, they gon' make me hurt you!

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