Season 1 Episode 9


Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Apr 09, 1996 on UPN

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  • When Dee's niece, Charisee, comes to visit, she notices that the relationship between Moe and Dee isn't what it should be. So, she uses the opportunity to bring them closer together.

    Despite this being a normal episode, I call it a "Special Episode" because Moesha starts accepting Dee more and the two become closer.

    The episode features Family Matters's Kelly Williams as Charisse, Dee's niece. She comes to visit her favorite. Everyone, including love-struck Hakeem, is taken to Charisse, except for Moesha. And Kim, who's convinced that Charisse is trying to steal Hakeem.

    Like all other episodes, Moesha isn't very taken to Dee. She turns down her plans to hang with her and takes her kindness and sincerity for something else. she says in the episode intro that Dee is trying to become best friends with her by acting friendly and treating her to "Don't tell you father" shopping spree, and she won't give in to it. She also says how the "friendly" phase is followed by the "Call me mom" phase, which she makes clear will never happen.

    After Charisse leaves Dee's at Moesha's poetry reading at the Den, the two connect and dance together. They even share a hug.

    Later, back at home, Moesha, taken with Dee, finally gives in and accept Dee's offer to go hang out with her. She also finds out that Charisse intentionally left the Den, so that Moe and Dee can spend time together and become as close as they are.
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