Season 5 Episode 5

Not My Pumpkin

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Sep 20, 1999 on UPN

Episode Recap

Frank finds a case of birth control pills in the trash. He asks Dee why she's taking the pills when they're trying to have a baby. She tells him the pills are Moesha's. Frank is angry with Dee because she concealed the fact that Moesha started taking birth control pills. Dee tells Moesha that Frank knows about the pills. Moesha tries to apologize, but Frank's too angry to discuss the matter. Later, Andell comes by to find Frank alone. When he tells her about the pills, Andell relates his experience to one she had with her father. She questions whom Frank is trying to protect--Moesha or himself. Frank asks for Dee's forgiveness and apologizes to Moesha. Meanwhile, Moesha stands up for Dorian when he's wrongfully accused of stealing.