Season 6 Episode 22

Paying the Piper

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM May 14, 2001 on UPN

Episode Recap

Niecy wants to share an apartment with Moesha over the summer because she can't afford the rent. Then Hakeem wants Moesha to move in with him since Jerome is going away to clown college. Moesha can't decide what to do about Hakeem's proposal and asks her roommates for advice, which they give freely. As everyone prepares to leave their suite, they admit they'll miss each other. Jerome becomes too emotional and retreats to the bathroom. Soon after, he returns with a positive pregnancy test in his hand. Elsewhere, Dorian gives Myles a tour around the recording studio when his former acquaintance, Lamont, arrives with his girlfriend, Diamond. Since Lamont helped Dorian out the night he spent in jail, he wants a half interest in Dorian's band, "What!." Dorian refuses and Lamont says he understands. Later, Lamont and his sidekick, Big Norm, visit Dorian and reiterate their demands for half of "What!." When Dorian refuses again, Lamont becomes even more threatening. Meanwhile, Hakeem still wants Moesha to move in with him, but she's not sure because her father is expecting her to return home for the summer. Hakeem assures her that he'll explain the situation to Frank. That night, Frank and Dee are frantic with worry when Myles fails to return home. When they go out to search for him, Diamond unexpectedly stops by the Mitchell home where Dorian was left to mind the phones. She informs him that Lamont is holding Myles captive until all demands are made. Moesha and Hakeem soon arrive to reveal their news to Frank. But when Dorian interrupts them and explains that Myles has been kidnapped, Moesha faints.....
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