Season 6 Episode 22

Paying the Piper

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM May 14, 2001 on UPN

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  • A bad way to end a show

    After a six year run, Moesha ends with a cliffhanger that leaves so many unanswered questions. This episode was very complex with so much going on with all the characters. Many would say this was an attempt to set the stage for the 7th season that never manifested.

    What makes this episode so nerve wracking is the fact that the twists presented were unpredictable leaving you wanting to come back for the fall preview. However, given the bad ratings from the arrival of Ray-J (Dorian) many viewers simply were unforgiving of the secrets and lies episode.

    Such a shame to see a good show leave with no resolution for the characters or fans.
  • The worst way to end a tv series

    "Paying the piper" was the worst Moesha episode ever. We\'ll never know exactly who was pregnant and What happened to Myles. The show was cancelled after this episode du to low ratings. But one more episode show have been made or at least let us know what happend on an episode of The Parkers. It doesn\'t matter now. It\'s not goning to happen. Both Moesha and The Parkers have been cancelled. Since this was not meant to be the series finale, I\'m sure there was a script written for an episode to follow this one. If so, it would be great to read it. I hate this episode
  • does everyone know that hakeem died?

    They didnt make another season cuz it was cancelled. They were gonna make a movie but hakeem (forgot his real name) died in a car crash so stop sayin its a bad way to end it they were suppose to have a new season but they didnt so chill
  • Has anyone read the fanfiction?

    I know all of you must be really upset that after six years of being on air, the show ended horribly. I'm extremely appalled and furious too. The show ended on an unresolved cliffhanger with: Myles being kidnapped by an enemy of Dorian and a mysterious pregnancy test found in the trash (it's probably Moesha). "Moesha" got cancelled ever since "Secrets & Lies" aired. That episode was supposed to be the first part of the Season 7 premiere, but because of the dropped ratings, UPN didn't bring the show back for the seventh season. The Parkers, the show's spinoff (that fans would hope to resolve the cliffhanger), didn't resolve it at all. The seventh season was supposed to be the final season of the show, but unfortunately, it didn't because of the now-defunct network canceling the show. So Moesha has been canceled after six long seasons, ending it with a cliffhanger that will NEVER be resolved. But if you look at the fanfiction of Season 7, you will see Myles being saved, who is really pregnant and everything. As much as I hate the way the series has ended, it was an okay episode. "Moesha" has been a real good show, but I wish they made a better ending. But still though, read the fanfiction, and you'll see what happened.
  • This is a solution to Moesha's cliffhanger.

    Moesha says that she's pregnant with Hakeem's baby and she will move in with him. Frank and Dee call the police to tell them that Myles has been kidnapped and the police find him in an abandoned warehouse and Lamont and Diamond get arrested. This is the resolution to Moesha's cliffhanger and I hope that this will be a good cliffhanger resolution for Moesha and I hope that the Moesha fans will accept it. This is my review for the final episode of Moesha so please accept it. Until the next review: Adios Amigos and goodbye, so long, farewell, see ya.
  • Umm...did they finish the series? Yeah, BAD way to end it.

    Umm...did they finish the series? Yeah, BAD way to end it. Let's end the show with the main character fainting after hearing her brother has been kidnapped...yeah not good. What happens to Myles? What happens to Moesha? Or anyone else? Total cliffhanger and terrible end. There should have been at least one more episode to tie up the loose ends or something. Idk...I mean the episode itself was all right and I enjoyed it for the most part. I just didn't like that it was the series finale. Oh well... Moesha had a good run. I wish it had had a solid finish though.