Season 6 Episode 22

Paying the Piper

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM May 14, 2001 on UPN



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    • Brandy, William Allen Young, Marcus T. Paulk, and Lamont Bentley are the only cast members to appear in every episode.

    • (May 2006)One on One, the series that replaced Moesha in fall 2001 is cancelled with a cliffhanger that leaves the main characters in limbo. The irony of this is that One on One's last episode aired on Monday, May 15 and Moesha's aired on Monday, May 14 and days after the cliffhangers were aired, the network announced the cancellations. Both shows featured Ray-J and Brandy caught up in situations and both shows attempted to grow up and be dramatically different which didn't work at the end.

    • There are two likely candidates for who would be pregnant. The first is Niecy, because throughout the entire episode she had mood swings, which is a sign of pregnancy. The second is Moesha, because she and Hakeem had something big to share with Mo's father. I guess we'll never know. Actually, there are 3 candidates. The third would be Alicia because throughout the episode she was eating nonstop.

    • The series ends with a cliffhanger that would not be resolved since the series was cancelled. Although, there were rumors speculating that all loose ends would be resolved on its spin-off series, The Parkers, but to no avail.

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