Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Jan 23, 1996 on UPN

Episode Recap

Moesha copes with the fact that her father, Frank, has a new wife, Dee, which means that her plans of caring for Frank and brother, Myles, are over. Moesha soon becomes jealous when she finds Dee taking her place as the breakfast chef. Then when Moesha asks if she can go to The Den, a local hangout, Dee opposes since it's a school night. So Moesha simply gets Frank to agree by making him feel guilty about forcing her to wait until she's sixteen before she can date. Later, Moesha joins her boy-crazy friends Kim, Trina and Gail at The Den where the school's most handsome fellow named Ohagi begins to recite poetry. When he leaves The Den with Moesha, it becomes clear that they've been secretly dating. Moesha arrives late for dinner. When Dee reprimands her, Frank once again stops her. Dee complains to Frank about undermining her authority as a parent. Realizing that he's no longer a single parent, Frank apologizes and backs off. Consequently, Dee is forced to ground Moesha for being disrespectful to her. That evening, Moesha rebels and sneaks out to see Ohagi perform at The Den. She gets more than she bargained for when she catches Ohagi kissing Taylor. When Moesha confronts him, Ohagi becomes speechless. At home, Dee and Moesha patch things up when she confides in Dee about Ohagi's betrayal.
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