Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Jan 23, 1996 on UPN

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  • A great start for one of the most greatest family/teen shows

    UPN started the show really well with this episode, but I hated the way they just axed the series with an episode that has two cliffhangers for the ending, which would be: abduction and pregnancy. Honestly, UPN, HOW CAN YOU END THE SHOW WITH MYLES BEING KIDNAPPED?!?! This was a really good start to the series, no doubt about it, but I really hate how in a few years later, they have the "final" episode that ended abruptly.
  • All right for a pilot.

    This episode was all right for a pilot. It touched on real issues that are still happening even 12 years after it aired, so it got me kinda interested in the show. Step-mothers and cheating boys are things that so many girls can relate to, and it's nice to see a show that addresses those issues instead of having a plot that's unrealistic and rather stupid. The show's actually kind of funny too. Lol. Definately has the unique factor. I can see why it ran for as long as it did. Overall it was a pretty decent episode and a good start of the series.
  • This episode starts out as Moesha complaining about the new woman in her father's life. Then she asks if she could go to the local hangout. Dee opposes but Frank lets her go undermining Dee's parental authority.

    I absolutely looove this episode because Ohagi and Moesha

    would make a good couple if he weren't such a dog. He did

    her so wrong by cheating on her with a friend of hers too.

    Which starts the neverending feud between her and Taylor.

    Then he had the nerve to didn't even try to expalin. It just

    surprised him that he actually got caught cheating. It broke

    Moesha's heart to think that her first real boyfriend

    cheated on her. But in the end Moesha and Dee started a

    tight bond by Moesha telling Dee about what happened with