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  • Love Brandy, Love Moesha

    Life-time friends Moesha, and Hakeem fall for each other eventually. We all saw that coming from season 1. It's nice seeing friends who have been through everything together eventually fall in love. Friends that butt into your business, and you may hate them for it at the time, but love that they care enough to do so in the first place. It's not only the tight friendships but the crazy cast on Moesha that draws you in. Everyone wants a friends like Kim. Crazy, honest, and there for you when you need them. Ray J played at least two other roles before becoming the "cousin", later on brother of Moesha. I think that life changing episode (Where they found out that Frank was not Dorian's uncle, but father.) showed that no matter what happens, family stick together. (As it happens, Moesha's parents were split up at the time, which doesn't excuse his behavior, but it is very different from adultery in my opinion. It says that Moesha's mom was the one who left, and Frank didn't know if she was coming back. And she threatened to leave him if he had kept Dorian, so he put Dorian in a loving environment and provided for his family) To me? That's a strong man. Call it what you will but I admire all he did/does to keep his family together).