Moesha - Season 2

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  • Prom Fright
    Prom Fright
    Episode 24
    Still on punishment for having Q in her bedroom, Moesha faces a complete remission if she agrees to a blind date of the son of one of Frank's frat brothers at his prom. When Q finds out that she has been "released" and soon dates someone else, he isn't very pleased; leading to a break-up.moreless
  • Cold Busted
    Cold Busted
    Episode 23
    With Myles sleeping over at a friend's and her parents out of town, Moesha has the house all to herself. So to take advantage of the opportunity, she invites Q over. Unfortunately, her parents return unexpected and find Moesha and Q lip-locked on her bed. After being grounded and threatened to be sent to Bridgewood Academy, a private school, Moesha runs away but to no avail.moreless
  • For Better or Worse
    For Better or Worse
    Episode 22
    Niecy finally gets her dream man, Steven, and everyone is happy for her (since this time he's perfect). But when Steven's scholarship is denied and he decides to join the army, he asks Niecy to come along and be his wife. She accepts but later changes her mind when all he wants her to do is follow him around and have babies. Meanwhile, Frank and Dee can't find time to celebrate their first wedding anniversary.moreless
  • Hakeem's Birthday
    Hakeem's Birthday
    Episode 21
    After seeing Hakeem alone at the Father & Son Breakfast, Moesha summons his estranged father to his son's birthday party. But when Hakeem finds out about the surprise guest (thanks to Kim), he scolds Moesha for meddling in his business. To make up for his father not showing up to the party, Frank passes down a recipe for chili to him that his father passed down to him.moreless
  • Songs in the Key of Strife
    A French exchange student named Chyna stays with the Mitchells. Chyna and Kim become back-up singers for Hakeem and Q's rap demo, but Moesha feels she wants to be apart of the demo by singing as well. There's just one problem-- she can't sing. Meanwhile, Frank and Dee can't agree on what color to paint the house. Tag: The cast is dancing and fooling around while reciting the song "He's a Player."moreless
  • Strike a Pose
    Strike a Pose
    Episode 19
    A "Where I see myself at 30" letter depresses Dee. Pressured by Dee, Moesha enters a modeling contest only to find that it conflicts with a lecture by an author she admires from the Harlem Renaissance.
  • Back to Africa
    Back to Africa
    Episode 18
    Big moments are coming up for Frank and Dee. Dee gets a promotion to vice principal, while Frank's on his way to General Representative at the dealership. Meanwhile, Moesha, Q, Kim and Hakeem are excited for a trip to Africa for the Africa Club, but Hakeem, whose financial status doesn't allow such an expensive trip, cannot attend. So Moesha gets together a charity event to help raise money for Hakeem. But when Frank's dreams for the dealership demands more money, he has to tell Moesha that she cannot go to Africa. When everyone finds out about Mo's dilemma, they double the efforts and raise enough money to send her to Africa, too.moreless
  • Who Moved the Charity Stripe?
    When three of the top players from the basketball team, including Q, start receiving failing grades, Dee has no choice than to suspend them all before the big play-offs. And to make matters worse, Coach Vines selects amateur basketball players Niecy and Hakeem as substitutes.
  • Break a Leg
    Break a Leg
    Episode 16
    Moesha gives dance lessons at the community center. While presenting moves with Moesha to the class, Myles is discovered by a director and gets the chance to do a commercial. But Moesha's class' dancing competition conflicts with Myles's commercial shooting, and the family must choose between the two. Meanwhile, Frank and Dee argue over shortage of money.moreless
  • Mentor
    Episode 15
    Moesha, Kim and Hakeem steal oranges from Mrs. Moss' garden to pay her back or her grumpy behavior. Moesha later gets punished and has to work for a week for Mrs. Moss. Moesha and Mrs. Moss clash, but Mo begins to appreciate her time with Mrs. Moss after learning that Mrs. Moss lived during the Harlem Renaissance-era.moreless
  • Guess Q's Coming to Dinner
    Over Q, Moesha starts neglecting her schoolwork and household chores. A fight between her and her parents is imminent. She finally convinces Frank to let Q come over for dinner so he can get to know Q.
  • Road Trip
    Road Trip
    Episode 13
    For the Thanksgiving weekend, Moesha plans a road trip to Flagstaff, Arizona with Kim, Teresa and Niecy to attend their school's basketball game. (They only go to be closer to their boyfriends.) But on their way back home, their car breaks down; almost causing them to miss Thanksgiving dinner.
  • There's No Place Like the Mitchell Home
    Trying to be young, Andell injures her leg. Moesha persuades her family to let Andell stay with them, but Andell soon becomes a pest to Frank, Dee and Myles. With Andell staying with the Mitchells, Moesha runs The Den. But Moesha's new ideas for The Den slowly turns everyone's interest away from The Den.moreless
  • The Regulations of Love
    Moesha hosts a dinner party for her friends. Kim tries to get Hakeem to notice her by using her how-to-book called "The Regulations of Love." But Hakeem isn't interested. After ruining everyone's night and realizing that Hakeem doesn't want her, Kim tries a different approach by making Hakeem jealous. To do so, she asks Michael out but doesn't know that Michael has a crush on her. Meanwhile, Frank and Myles drive Dee crazy with their new Nigerian drums.moreless
  • A Concerted Effort (2)
    Musical guests: Soul For Real, Xscape, Mc Lyte, Nancy Wilson and 112 Moesha tries to make Q jealous when she meets Montell Jordan but they eventually talk over their differences and she takes him to meet Frank. Kim and Nicey try to gain access to the concert and continually fail. Eventually Q's cousins fulfil their dreams by performing for Kim and Nicey.moreless
  • A Concerted Effort (1)
    Musical guests:A Tribe Called Quest, Blackstreet

    Moesha wins tickets to the MTV Megafest but when she gets back together with Q, there becomes a problem with who she will take especially as Q brings his four aspiring singing cousins(guest stars 112) This results in Hakeem, Q, Kim and Nicey being thrown out of the concert and having to try and find a way in. Moesha and Q's cousins meet Russell Simmons.

    Meanwhile Myles is left home with a nightmare babysitter.moreless
  • Ichi, Ni, San, Shi Look-- Clarkzilla!
    Frank's nerdy nephew Clark visits. The thought of Clark's visit sends the whole family into a panic and Dee soon learns why. After his arrival, Clark doesn't waste a minute and turns everyone's life into a nightmare, including Dee's who tries to throw an art show. Meanwhile, Q and Moesha's relationship hit the next phase.moreless
  • Women are from Mars, Men are from Saturn
    Frank begins to hang out with the guys so much that he ignores Dee, who wants Frank to be at home with her. After Frank's complaining angers Dee even more, Dee decides to get even and hang out with her friends. Meanwhile, with Moesha visiting her cousin, Charisse, at Berkeley, Hakeem offers to baby-sit Myles. And with Myles in bed, he invites a date over, but Kim interrupts his plans.moreless
  • Labels
    Episode 6
    When Hakeem shows up with his cousin Omar at the Mitchell's, everyone fears he could be another Hakeem. Instead he seems to be nice and responsible. Moesha, still grieving about her break-up with Q, goes out on a date with Omar. After attending a movie, they meet Omar's friend, Tracy, leading Moesha to believe that Omar's may be gay Moesha later tells Kim and Niecy he suspicions and it doesn't take long until everyone in school knows the latest gossip. When Hakeem hears the news, Moesha realises that she may have jeopardized their friendship.moreless
  • The Whistle Blower
    The Whistle Blower
    Episode 5
    Terry Hightower, Crenshaw High's star basketball player, asks Moesha for help on the upcoming S.A.T. He asks her to write the test for him. Mo declines, but encourages Terry to at least try taking the test. After Terry scored big on the test, everyone believes Mo did it and Terry is subsequently forced into writing it again. Meanwhile, Dee urges Frank take do a fertility test.moreless
  • Basket Case
    Basket Case
    Episode 4
    It's the annual Basket Auction at Crenshaw High. (The boys put together a basket, which is auctioned off to raise money, the girls then gets a date with the boy behind the basket they bought.) Moesha manages to get a list, but it's wrong and she ends up with Hakeem instead of her dream boy. Later, after hanging out together, Moesha and Hakeem accidentally kiss.moreless
  • Mama Said Knock You Out
    Kim becomes jealous when Moesha begins to hang out with her new friend Teresa. Then, when Teresa gets along well with Q too, Kim talks Moesha into believing that Teresa wants to steal him. A fight is the result, but it's Teresa and Kim who meet in the squared circle.
  • Credit Card
    Credit Card
    Episode 2
    After passing on the Saturn, Moesha now receives her Jeep, but she already regrets it. After her car runs out of fuel, being short on money and bothering her parents for money and a ride, Frank and Dee reluctantly agree to let her have her own credit card for emergencies only. Then on her way to a party, Q is locked up and the only way to bail him out is by using her credit card.moreless
  • The List
    The List
    Episode 1
    The boys' annual "list" comes out and Moesha isn't pleased to discover that she's been named as having the "biggest booty". (Kim is named as having the "biggest mouth" and Niecy is named as having the "smallest chest".) When they try to discover the list's author, all roads turn to new student Quinton Brooks from New York. Moesha confronts Q and he denies it. He later invites her to see him perform at a club, and Moesha soon becomes intrigued by the new comer.moreless
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