Moesha - Season 3

UPN (ended 2001)


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Episode Guide

  • A House is Not a Home
    After leaving home, Moesha turns to Andell for the night. Although she promises Andell she'll go back home the next day, she surprises Andell by staying at The Den the following day. Upset that Moesha lied to her, Andell forces Moesha to talk to Frank, but nothings changed between them. Back at Andell's Moesha becomes a bother to Andell and her new beau, Uncle Bernie.moreless
  • Pajama Jam
    Pajama Jam
    Episode 22

    Morgan throws a co-ed slumber party and invites Moesha, Hakeem, Kim and Nicey.
    Mary Ellen desperately tries to get into the party but is refused admission. Moesha sees Jeremy and finally decide to talk to him.
    Dee and Frank try to have a romantic night in but their plans are interrupted by a phone call.

  • Body Language
    Body Language
    Episode 21
    While playing a friendly game of Truth or Dare, Kim and Niecy dare an innocent Moesha to get a tattoo. She reluctantly agrees to the dare only if Kim and Niecy go with her. After learning that Kim really didn't get her nose pierced and Niecy didn't get anything at all, a new branded Moesha must now face her father. Trying to stay cool and calm, Frank goes along with Dee's plans of letting Moesha grow up, but he accidentally tells Moesha his opinion of her. Meanwhile, Hakeem takes a second job at The Den, but he unknowingly mixes Andell's imported colon cleanser mix into the smoothies and serves them to customers.moreless
  • This Time You've Gone Too Far
    Moesha and her friends all decide to take a road trip to Sea World, but their trip ends abruptly after Chris causes them to get kicked out of the amusement park. So they all decide to travel to Mexico instead of going home. While in Mexico, the gang enjoys themselves until Moesha looses Morgan's car keys and Moesha is faced with the decision to call her parents. Meanwhile, J.W. and Andell are invited over to dinner, by Dee, to celebrate their anniversary of their first date; much to Frank's chagrin.moreless
  • Mo's Money, Mo's Money, Mo's Money
    Moesha starts paying for her own telephone, cable and new furniture and Frank is happy that he doesn't have to pay for it, but Dee doesn't like what she sees.
  • Model Employee
    Model Employee
    Episode 18
    In need of money, Hakeem gets Moesha a job at the clothing store where he works. But the new manager begins to take advantage of Moesha.
  • She's Back
    She's Back
    Episode 17
    Prominent career newswoman Alexandria Nourse gives a speech at Bridgewood and as an old friend of Frank's- Moesha invites her over for dinner. But it turns out that they were more than just "friends."
  • It's My Paper, And I'll Cry If I Want To
    Mary Ellen, editor of Bridgewood's school newspaper, doesn't give Moesha a chance to write for the paper. So without much ado, Moesha installs a rival paper called "The Blurb." But she gets so wrapped up in writing her paper that she neglects plans to celebrate Andell's 30th birthday party.
  • The Short Story
    The Short Story
    Episode 15
    Musical guest: Chico DeBarge Moesha agrees to attend a dance, held at The Den, with her friend David (who's rather a little person). Moesha soon finds out that she isn't bothered by his height, but by his rudeness. Meanwhile, Myles has issues about his height.
  • He Ain't Heavy, He's Dee's Brother
    Dee's enterprising brother, Shelby, visits and offers Moesha a money-earning opportunity, but Dee questions his future success.
  • Talk of the Town
    Talk of the Town
    Episode 13
    A party at a teen club called The Bombay, organized by Q, gets out of control when the rumor is spread that a big star is performing there. After getting arrested by the police, Andell holds a community meeting at The Den to discuss the differences between young adults and adults.moreless
  • Double Date
    Double Date
    Episode 12
    Musical guest: Kenny Lattimore On a date with Jeremy, Moesha runs into Q and his new girlfriend Tammy. Moesha still has feelings for Q as he does for her. Confused about where their relationship stands, Q asks her out to dinner. But after arguing and sorting out mixed feelings, Moesha and Q decide once and for all to just remain friends. Meanwhile, Myles' girlfriend is a little "high-maintenance."moreless
  • Break It Down
    Break It Down
    Episode 11
    Frank accompanies Hakeem to a "Father-Son" retreat. Q and his father attend the retreat as well; causing some unresolved hostility between Frank and Q. As Frank, Q and the others resolve their conflicts, Frank and Q come to a new understanding. Meanwhile, the girls (and Myles) learn self-defense techniques from Don "The Dragon" Wilson who's in town to shoot a new movie and needs The Den as a part of the set.moreless
  • Rhythm and Dues
    Rhythm and Dues
    Episode 10
    Moesha becomes the manager of Q's group, CPQ, after a local radio station plays their record demo. But they're faced with a dilemma when Morris Day decides to sue them for resampling one of his songs. Dee can't seem to remember her first date with Frank.
  • Halloween Part 1: Kim's Revenge
    Kim accidentally hears Moesha and Niecy making fun of her weight. Upset, Kim gives them the cold shoulder when they all are supposed to dress as the "Divas of Soul" for the Halloween party at The Den. As Moesha and Niecy attempt to apologize to Kim, they all find themselves victims of gossiping behind each other's backs. Meanwhile, Myles catches the flu, forcing him to stay home and cancel "trick-or-treating."moreless
  • Keepin' It Real
    Keepin' It Real
    Episode 8
    Moesha's new classmate, Jeremy Davis, shows an interest in her, but he later disappoints her when he tries too hard to impress her friends. Meanwhile, Dee goes on strike after no one seems to help her out around the house.
  • Use Me Once Shame on You, Use Me Twice I'll Kill You
    Q, Hakeem and Kim decide to merge their talents together and create their own group CPQ. After seeing her friends perform at The Den, Moesha decides to invite Haley, whose father is a record producer, to hear her friends sing, but she risks losing a friend in Haley who feels that Moesha is using her.moreless
  • The Play Scene
    The Play Scene
    Episode 6
    After her teacher gives her a 'D' on her creative writing assignment, Moesha writes a screenplay; imagining a world in 1945 where jazz and blues are the setting.
  • My Mom's Not an Ottoman
    Dee decides it's time to redecorate the house. so she has a garage sale and encourages Moesha to donate any of her old junk. But when Moesha learns that Dee's trying to sell the old furniture that belonged to her mother, she loses her cool.
  • Age Ain't Nothin' But a Number
    Hakeem meets a beautiful woman, Jennifer Sutton, at the clothing store where he works. But when she starts to show an interest in Hakeem, he lies about his age. Moesha and Dee both don't approve of Hakeem's relationship with Jennifer but Frank assures them that nothing's wrong with them dating. Later, after feeling guilty, Hakeem breaks up with Jennifer.moreless
  • Day One
    Day One
    Episode 3
    Moesha begins her first day of school at Bridgewood Academy. She is introduced to snobby Mary Ellen Hobbs, the daughter of a friend of Dee's. The following day, during a class discussion, Moesha walks out of class after clashing with Mary Ellen. She visits Crenshaw and finds out that she isn't very missed.moreless
  • (Grand)Poppa Don't Take No Mess
    Grandpa Roosevelt Mitchell visits along with Uncle Bernie. But Frank soon suffers when Grandpa treats him different than Bernie. Moesha tries to talk Q into attending her family's barbecue, but he declines.
  • Labor Day Jammy
    Labor Day Jammy
    Episode 1
    Musical guest: Dru Hill Moesha returns from summer camp and has about one week left before she starts school at Bridgewood Academy. So she makes plans to go to the Labor Day Jammy with her friends and secretly wishes that she'll run into Q there, but she clashes with Frank when he wants her to go with him and Dee to her school's fundraiser. Moesha meets her new classmate, Haley Dillard, and together they con Frank into letting them "hang out with Haley's friends." At the Jammy, Moesha finds Q, but they both agree to just be friends.moreless