Moesha - Season 5

UPN (ended 2001)


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  • D-Money Loses His Patience
    Moesha is faced with the dilemma of going on tour with Q or staying at home with her family and boyfriend Hakeem. But Moesha and Hakeem have an argument over the fact that Hakeem only wants Mo to stay home so that she won't have to go on tour with Q. Hurt over the fact that her boyfriend Gabe broke up with her, Niecy finds comfort from Hakeem. But they get caught up in the moment and share a kiss, just as Moesha enters the room. Stunned and hurt, Moesha takes Q up on his offer and leaves with him for New York. Meanwhile, Dorian's involvement with Patience gets him in over his head, forcing Frank to make a tough decision by enrolling him into a boot camp.moreless
  • Arriving Right on Q
    Arriving Right on Q
    Episode 21
    Moesha and Hakeem hit the first bump in their romance when Hakeem spends more time away from Moesha. But a surprise visit from old boyfriend Q makes Hakeem realize that he could lose her. Meanwhile, Frank gives Dorian the opportunity to work with him at his job, but later he gets arrested by the police for stealing a car from the Saturn lot and also with carrying $5,000.moreless
  • The Robbing Hood
    The Robbing Hood
    Episode 20
    Dorian spends a weekend with Moesha, and all the residents in her dorm are robbed except for her who draws a conclusion that puts them at odds. Meanwhile, Myles doesn't appreciate his friends comments about how "good" Dee looks.
  • Something About Moesha
    While working at a fast-food restaurant, Dorian comes across a stranger by the name of Patience who offers him a job where he can earn "fast money". Meanwhile, Hakeem announces to Moesha and Niecy that he's moving in with girlfriend Tiffany, pushing to the surface some suppressed feelings between them.
  • Gimme a Break
    Gimme a Break
    Episode 18
    Musical guest: DMX Moesha and Niecy go on a trip to Santa Barbara for their first spring break, but Moesha and Niecy's awaited trip is interrupted by the presences of two college students named Alicia and Joy who both end up in the same hotel room as Mo and Niecy after the hotel accidentally over-booked them. After Alicia sees Moesha dancing with her ex-boyfriend Rodney, she spreads a rumor that Moesha slept around in Santa Barbara. Meanwhile, Dorian has trouble writing a history paper but plans to pass by using one of Mo's old papers.moreless
  • The Matchmaker
    The Matchmaker
    Episode 17
    Moesha plays matchmaker for Theresa who's been having trouble meeting guys. So Mo decides to hook up Theresa with Hakeem's friend, Noel, but Mo thinks that Noel is just playing with Theresa's head. Meanwhile, Myles accidentally punches Dorian in the nose because of his unnecessary slurs towards Frank.
  • Family Affair
    Family Affair
    Episode 16
    Frank is the honoree at a 'Businessman of the Year' banquet, but the tribute loses its luster when he learns that Moesha and Dorian don't want to go. After receiving vital advice, Moesha comes to her senses and forgives her father.
  • Color Him Father
    Color Him Father
    Episode 15
    As the tension continues to rise, Frank thinks that the only way that's possible to break some of the hostility is to let Dorian have his birthday party at a teen club. Sandy visits to find out why Frank told Dorian the secret and why he didn't wait as they both planned. Meanwhile, Moesha meets her new roommate, Theresa Logan, from Dillingham, Alaska.moreless
  • Secrets & Lies
    Secrets & Lies
    Episode 14
    Odd-ball Aunt Hattie comes to visit Frank revealing life changing secret to the entire family. Meanwhile Moesha tells her family that she will be moving onto campus.
  • Let's Talk About Sex
    Moesha stays the weekend with Niecy in her dorm but she doesn't like the idea of Niecy inviting a stranger over who seems to what more from Niecy than just a new friendship. Meanwhile, Mo explains the facts of life to Dorian after catching him getting amorous with a girl while the rest of the family is away at a wedding.moreless
  • He Doth Protest Too Much
    Dorian protests the elimination of the girls basketball team from the school budget to impress one of the players. Meanwhile, Moesha is having trouble in her chemistry class and is too proud to ask Niecy (who receives an "A" in the class) for help.
  • To Sleep, Perchance to Dream
    Moesha starts to dream about Hakeem kissing her and is disturbed when Nicey tells her that dreams reveal a person's true feelings. When she backs out of a ski trip for the three of them, Nicey forces her to talk to Hakeem
  • Thanksgiving
    Episode 10
    With Dee sick in bed, Moesha finds herself in a fierce Thanksgiving cooking competition with Mrs. Campbell. Also, Dorian's mother visits, but Dorian believes that she likes adjusting to her new life without him.
  • Unappreciated Interest
    Moesha and Niecy's friendship is tested when Piper moves out and Moesha moves in. Moesha later becomes a bother to Niecy. Meanwhile, Dorian tries to get away with purchasing extra items on Frank's credit card and lying about it; leading to Frank to give Dorian a tough ultimatum.
  • Isn't She Lovely?
    Isn't She Lovely?
    Episode 8
    Moesha prepares for the homecoming dance but "friends" Moesha and Hakeem soon start to realize that the depth of their friendship may be reaching a new and unexpected level. Meanwhile, Myles disappoints Frank after selling the comic books that Frank handed down to him for his birthday.
  • A Den is a Terrible Thing to Waste
    When Moesha hears that Andell is losing The Den, she tries to save it and succeeds only for Andell to be displeased with her efforts. Andell tells Moesha that she wants a change from The Den and sells it. The gang say goodbye to The Den.
  • Just Above My Head
    Just Above My Head
    Episode 6
    Moesha and Nicey are taking history from Professor Ward, but they don't appreciate his racial disparaging jokes.
  • Not My Pumpkin
    Not My Pumpkin
    Episode 5
    After Frank discovers a bottle of birth control pills he is livid to discover that they are Moesha's. He struggles to forgive Dee for her deception and Moesha for taking the pills. Later a talk from Andell helps him to re-evaluate his opinions. Meanwhile, Moesha stands up for Dorian when he's wrongfully accused of stealing.moreless
  • Mis-Directed Study
    Mis-Directed Study
    Episode 4
    Moesha lands a job tutoring athletes. She gets assigned to a promising NBA candidate named Ray Meadows. Ray has to write an English paper. Ray asks Moesha to finish the paper for him because he's too busy with practice and studying plays. Moesha agrees to write it, since they're friends. Dorian sees Moesha's writing Ray's paper and teases her, claiming that he uses the same game with girls at his school. Moesha reconsiders writing the paper and tells Ray that she can not do his paper for him. Upset, Ray tells her that he's not interested in a friendship with her if he can't benefit from it.moreless
  • The Party's Over (Here)
    While trying to keep up with the social life of college as well as the academic life, Moesha and Niecy are invited to their first college party. After discovering that the punch is spiked the hard way, Moesha's faced with having to call Frank to pick her up. But Dorian comes to the girls' rescue by secretly taking Frank's car. Meanwhile, Myles, influenced by Dorian to change his image, dyes his hair and wears baggy garment to impress his classmates during his first week of junior high.moreless
  • Fired Up
    Fired Up
    Episode 2
    In her new job, Moesha manages to set up an interview with Dr. Maya Angelou and convinces Niecy to be her secretary. Dr. Angelou gives Moesha some advice on going back to college. Later Joe discovers Moesha's deception.
  • Good Vibrations?
    Good Vibrations?
    Episode 1
    Musical guest: Mary J. Blige After deciding to forego college, Moesha is now working at "Vibe Magazine" Her friends are jealous of her seemingly glamourous job but in actual fact she is just a gopher. Meanwhile Moesha's cousin Dorian, has run away from his home in Oakland and is seeking refuge with Mylesmoreless