Moesha - Season 6

UPN (ended 2001)


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Episode Guide

  • Prom Night
    Prom Night
    Episode 28
  • Paying the Piper
    Paying the Piper
    Episode 22
    Dorian gives Myles a tour around the recording studio when his former acquaintance, Lamont, arrives. Later, Lamont visits Dorian and demands his half of "What!." Dorian refuses again, and Lamont becomes even more threatening. That night, Frank and Dee are frantic when Myles fails to return home. Elsewhere,Hakeem makes Moesha a proposal and she can't decide what to do about it so asks her roommates for advice. One of the girls finds out she's pregnant...moreless
  • Graduation Day
    Graduation Day
    Episode 21

    Its Dorian's graduation and his family wants to throw him a party but he has other commitments.
    Meanwhile Hakeem gets into trouble with Moesha.

  • Creepin'
    Episode 20
    Moesha develops writer's block and turns to Hakeem for help in turn developing a mutual attraction for each other. Hakeem becomes confused about their relationship but after a talk he makes a public declaration. Meanwhile Frank is upset that Dorian is skipping school to go to the beach with his older girlfriend.moreless
  • Mayhem at the Jam
    Mayhem at the Jam
    Episode 19
    Moesha organizes a campus concert with Hakeem, Niecy, Jerome and Alicia, but when the main act, "Mayhem", is late, Dorian's group "What" takes the stage to appease the crowd. But when "Mayhem" finds out that they've been bumped back, the result turns to a fight leaving Hakeem in the hospital. Later, Moesha realizes that she is still in love with Hakeem. Dorien attempts to get Lenae, the producer of the record company to pick up a demo of the group. The two also get close to each other also.moreless
  • Saving Private Rita
    Saving Private Rita
    Episode 18
    Moesha, Hakeem and Niecy must help a troubled student named Rita who is contemplating suicide. Meanwhile, Dorian courts a minister's daughter.
  • Scary Marriage
    Scary Marriage
    Episode 17
    A class that calls on Moesha, Hakeem and company to examine gender roles in marriage leads to a disturbing experience for Moesha. Niecy isn't too thrilled about being partnered with Hakeem. Meanwhile, Dorian comes up with an inventive way to record a demo for his band.
  • What if...?
    What if...?
    Episode 16
    Dorian is the perfect son and Moesha is a vagabond when Mo ponders what would have happened if Frank stayed with Barbara.
  • That's My Mama
    That's My Mama
    Episode 15
    Frank come to Moesha's dorm and confronts her about her help in finding Dorian's mother. They have a discussion about his marriage to her mother. Dorian goes to see his biological mother and ends up baby-sitting for her children who are more than a handful. Barbara and Dorian decide to take their relationship slowly.moreless
  • Mom
    Episode 14

    Moesha continues to help Dorian search for his birth mother despite Hakeem's warnings of the consequences. They track down Dorian's mother, Barbara Kennedy who has some shocking revelations for Moesha.
    Meanwhile Frank is challenged to a race by Myles' friend's uncle.

  • Run, Mo, Run
    Run, Mo, Run
    Episode 13
    Moesha fears for her life after openly criticizing a poet at "Poetry Night at The Pendulum." Meanwhile, Dorian starts a new job working at a recording studio, but Frank thinks that all of Dorian's long hours at work may affect his schoolwork. After an argument between Dorian and Frank, Dorian secretly tries to search for his birth mother. He asks for Moesha's help. After she reluctantly decides over night, Moesha agrees to help Dorian. By helping him, she retrieves Dorian's birth certificate stating his mother's maiden name: Barbara Dolores Lee.moreless
  • All Grown Up
    All Grown Up
    Episode 12
    Hakeem gets his first apartment with roommate Jerome. Moesha and Niecy stop by and they all reminisce on the times they've spent together from their teen years to adulthood, including Hakeem's frequent visits to the Mitchells' home, Kim's obsession for him, and his romantic relationship with best friend/ex-girlfriend Moesha.
  • The Player
    The Player
    Episode 11
    Moesha tries to set up Niecy with Hakeem's friend, Troy, but problems occur when Moesha learns that Troy is Alicia's boyfriend. Meanwhile, Frank leaves Dorian and Myles home alone for the first time.
  • All This and Turkey, Too
    After a three-month separation, Q comes to visit Moesha, along with Khalib, for Thanksgiving. Dee's father, Arthur Loving, visits as well and brings along with him his grudge towards Frank. As Moesha and Q make up for time spent apart, Q makes an odd request involving her engagement ring. (Q needs the ring to help finance some new rap group he's producing.) Khalib advises his help and concern for Moesha and offers to lend them the money. But when Moesha tells Q the news, he overreacts; leading to the end of their engagement.moreless
  • Definitely Not the Cosbys
    Moesha tells her father about her engagement to Q and furious he storms out. He later finds Dorian's date in their house wearing his robe. Dee calls from Jamaica to wish Frank a happy anniversary and he daydreams about what his life would like if they were the Huxtables.
  • The Candidate
    The Candidate
    Episode 8
    NAACP president Kweisi Mfume visits Moesha's campus to address to students about the importance of voting. When Moesha's former Girl Scout leader gives a speech on her candidacy for city council, Moesha, Hakeem, Niecy and Jerome are convinced to help her campaign. But when her interaction with Hakeem proves contrary to her projected image, the volunteers are forced with a tough decision. Meanwhile, when a mother of Myles' classmate finds out that Dee is out of town, she wastes no time making her move on Frank until neighbor and good friend Nikki Parker steps in. Also, Moesha accidentally tells Hakeem that she's engaged to Q.moreless
  • The Nutty Moesha
    The Nutty Moesha
    Episode 7
    In this hilarious Halloween episode, while trying to juggle studying, taking care of her family while Dee's away and planning for her Halloween party, Moesha, along with Niecy, starts using energy-raising vitamins to help her with mid-terms, but the vitamins cause some peculiar side effects. Meanwhile, Dorian becomes a dog trainer for a neighbor's dog named Frisky. But when he can't seem to keep the dog from barking and growling, things get ugly.moreless
  • Just the Two of Us
    Just the Two of Us
    Episode 6
    When Frank and Dorian leave on a road trip to Las Vegas, Myles is sent to stay in Moesha's dorm where he develops a crush on Alicia. But Alicia lets Myles believe that she likes him and uses Myles to run errands for her. Meanwhile, Frank and Dorian, on their way to Las Vegas, try to resolve their conflicting issues toward each other.moreless
  • You Say He's Just a Friend
    Hakeem and Niecy suspect that Moesha is creeping around with Jamal, her study partner. After going out on a date with Jamal, Moesha later stays the night with Jamal; leading to major suspicion between the two. Also, Moesha receives gifts from Q and a video-message from Khalib stating that he misses her and wants to keep in touch with her. Meanwhile, Dorian turns Frank's kitchen into a barbershop.moreless
  • Living in Paradise?
    Moesha can't stand the nasty and rude habits of her suite mates Niecy, Alicia and Brenda. So she tries to organize a meeting to establish "the rules," but a nearby appearance by the singing group Boyz II Men hurts attendance. Meanwhile, Dee returns home from Jamaica but has to break the news to the family that she's decided to stay in Jamaica full-time to work on her education-consulting job.moreless
  • Netcam
    Episode 3
    Alicia hides an Internet camera in Moesha and Niecy's bedroom for profit; invading their privacy and showcasing them to the entire world. After Moesha receives a gift from Japan sent by Q, Hakeem tries to win her back with gifts as well. Meanwhile, Myles thinks he got a girl pregnant by dancing with her.moreless
  • Bad Company
    Bad Company
    Episode 2
    Moesha returns from New York with a secret that she wants to keep from her parents. Hakeem and Niecy attempt to make amends with her. After learning that Moesha and Q are now back together, Hakeem surprises Moesha with a emotional poem and a "promise ring" (in which he hopes that she'll forgive him again). Meanwhile, Dorian is still trying to earn Frank's trust when he dates one of Frank's mentors named Cleo who isn't the angel that she appears to be. Also, Dee prepares to leave for Jamaica for her education-consulting job.moreless
  • On the Rebound
    On the Rebound
    Episode 1
    Moesha prolongs her stay in New York and is enjoying her relationship with Q, but soon decides to return home and to college. Q decides to pop the question.

    Meanwhile Dorian returns from boot camp and reverts to his old ways forcing Frank to produce an army contract which shakes Dorian's and Frank's relationship.moreless