Season 5 Episode 14

Secrets & Lies

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Feb 07, 2000 on UPN

Episode Recap

Frank gets a call from his odd-ball aunt Hattie, announcing that she is in town and would like to visit the family. While Hakeem drops by to announce that he's been accepted to California University, Moesha tells the family that she will be moving because a dorm on campus has become available. Aunt Hattie surprisingly stops by that evening. After not seeing the family for years, she mistakes Dorian for Myles. Moesha clears up the mistaken identity. Aunt Hattie then congratulates Frank on finally bringing his son home. Her faux pas sends shock waves through the room since Frank has kept a lid on his secret all of Dorian's life. Frank has no choice but to explain that he and Marguerite were having some problems. He had an affair that resulted in Dorian's birth. His sister, Sandy, agreed to adopt Dorian. She and Frank would tell him the truth when he turned 18 years old. Consequently, Moesha criticizes her father because he was unfaithful to their mother. Dee expresses her deep sense of betrayal, and Dorian is angry because the man he revered as a great uncle is really a bad father, in his opinion. Frank's betrayal hurts Moesha so badly that she decides to move into the dorm. She goes to school and sees Hakeem and Niecy at The Pendulum. Prior to her arrival, Hakeem had confessed to Niecy that he transferred to the California University to be close to Moesha because he's in love with her. He doesn't tells Moesha, however, because she begins to cry before he can get it out.