Season 5 Episode 14

Secrets & Lies

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Feb 07, 2000 on UPN

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  • The episode that caused the show to be cancelled

    After watching this episode, I just learned that this episode did made the fans stop watching the series, and also made the show end on the next season. In this episode, Frank was forced to reveal that he is Dorian's father, not his uncle. WHY WOULD THE WRITERS COME UP WITH SOMETHING LIKE THAT?! Why couldn't they make the episode where Dorian learns that Sandy is not his real mother and his relatives are not his real ones?! I'm sorry, but I don't think this episode was bad, even though that episode was heart-ripping, I still think it's good. It still bothers me how this episode decreased the viewership. This episode was honestly excellent, but emotional.
  • The episode that caused a lot of fans to stop watchng ths show

    This episode was not written as well as other but it wasn't as bad as fans made it out to be. We find out that Dorian is Frank's son and that Frank went after another woman when he thought his marirage was over and his first wife left him for a short period of time. It brought out a side of Moesha we'd never seen before. I mean, her mother died. She never seemed upset about it. She just always tried to get along with her step-mom, Dee. We just find out that her mom died but not from what.
  • The episode that killed the series for many fans.

    When this episode aired, I viewed it as another episode. Frank is forced to reveal that he is Dorian's father and that he cheated on Moesha's mother.
    However after thinking about it and reviweing what others felt the episode was about. It did kill the series. They took a black man with his own business and made him a cheater and liar. The thing is that too many kids have experienced in real life. There was no need for this storyline. If they wanted to be more risque like they claimed, have Dorian be adopted and look for his real parents.
    As we learned this storyline was the beginning of the end as the series lost its creator (in a dispute with Brandy), 2 cast members and suffered the biggest rating dropping of any show that season.