Season 6 Episode 15

That's My Mama

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Feb 19, 2001 on UPN

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  • The later episodes like this were more adult as the characters grew.

    This episode along with at least one other showed a connection between Girlfriends and Moesha with Maya coming on. (Also with Neccey gueststaring on Girlfriends) It is very nice that D money got to meet is other 1/2 siblings even if they were brats. It is not just a conisidence that Maya was named Maya for both shows because she talked about Darrnel, and Jabari. Also on many girlfriends episodes she talks about Barbara-Lee\'s husband. And since the spin-off of Moesha (The Parkers) talked alot about Magic Johnson\'s Thretre, as does Girlfriends it makes you wonder how many other guest apperences have there been. But then again, Because Golden Brooks (Maya) gueststared on the Parkers as a Lesbian named Chris she couldn't come on the show as maya most likly if it was still making new episodes.