Season 4 Episode 20

The Prom

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM May 11, 1999 on UPN

Episode Recap

Only hours before her senior prom, Moesha gets a call from her date's mother explaining that her son had an injury and will not be able to accompany Mo to the prom. But because she has waited so long for this event, Moesha decides to go alone. Although Kim, Niecy and Hakeem have dates, their prom experiences are far from perfect. Kim's date, Andre, spends more time worrying about his hair than Kim. Hakeem's date uses him as a cover so she can meet with her boyfriend. And Niecy's date, Antonio, chose a dress for her that's so tight that she can't move. After dancing with her father, Moesha meets a handsome mystery man wh asks her to dance. When his beeper goes off at midnight, he thanks her for a wonderful night and dashes away, leaving only a button behind with his initials on it. The next day, the girls go through the last four years of school yearbooks to find Mo's "Cinderfella." But they can't find a match. They realize that R.C. are the initials for the hotel their prom was being held and deduce that he must be an employee. Moesha returns to the hotel to find him, but a hotel supervisor informs her that he has fired the young man for socializing with hotel guests. Moesha waits for a pizza delivery as she tells Kim and Niecy what happened. They try to encourage her, but Moesha is giving up hope. When the doorbell rings, Moesha asks Frank to answer it. The delivery man turns out to be Moesha's "Cinderfella." When Frank hands the pizza to Mo, he tells her that she would have really liked the delivery guy. She jokes about the chance of her liking someone that he likes.