Moll Flanders



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  • Season 1
    • EPISODE 0004
      Episode 4
      Moll meets fellow thief Lucy. The friends become partners in crime until Lucy is caught and hanged. Moll's heart is not in thieving and she is easily caught. She is sent to Newgate Prison and sentenced to hang. Whilst waiting execution James Seagrove is brought in and sentenced to be deported to Virginia. Before leaving he manages to rescue Moll from the gallows and they set off for the New World to start a new life.moreless
    • EPISODE 0003
      Episode 3
      Moll marries James 'Jemmy' Seagrove, her true love, but when he discovers that she has not got a fortune he abandons her after their wedding night but pledges he will return one day. Moll leaves for London meeting Mr Bland, a banker on the way. After three years of comfortable marriage to Mr Bland he dies bankrupt leaving Moll destitute. The only door open to her is that of crime.moreless
    • EPISODE 0002
      Episode 2
      Moll meets Lemuel Golightly, a sea captain with plantations in Virginia. She marries and they travel to the new land. All goes well until she finds out that her mother-in-law is really her mother and that her husband is her half brother. She cannot stay with him and returns to England with just 200 pounds. Moll moves to Lancaster in the hope of meeting a man of fortune. She is introduced to Jemmy who pretends to be a man of property.moreless
    • EPISODE 0001
      Episode 1
      Moll Flanders is born in Newgate prison and taken from her mother. Moll is taken in by gypsies but runs away and is rescued by the major of Colchester who brings her up. On reaching maturity Moll is seduced by the oldest son Roland, but ends up marrying his younger brother Robin who dies five years later. Moll leaves her two children with her mother-in-law and heads for London where she meets Daniel Dawkins who abandons her, leaving her without a penny.moreless