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  • A police psychologist deals with work and family life.

    Richard Strauss was one of my girlhood crushes, so I at least try a bit of whatever show he's in. This had an intriguing premise that I feel should have worked: How does a police psychologist balance both positions?

    There were good scenes between Nestor Serrano and Mr. Strauss about when the time to pick up the weapon should be, as Moloney was in the field a lot. There was a wonderful friendship between those two and a lawyer/DA(?), played by Wendell Pierce. Mr. Pierce was the swing vote, sometimes siding with one and raising his hands to ward off the resulting unhappiness.

    The lovely Cherie Lunghi(EXCALIBUR, HORATIO HORNBLOWER) was his ex-wife and a fellow psychologist. She never understood his becoming part of the police (which led,in part, to their divorce.) I seem to remember her always being frustrated when he'd have to go do his job, which irked me at the time.

    Ashley Johnson (GROWING PAINS) was his daughter. She was a relatively well-adjusted tv child of divorce- I seem to feel that she knew her folks loved her.

    It was a typical police procedural with a bit more psychology sorta thrown in. It might've been better if Moloney didn't have to repeat much of the same defensive dialogue. (Lots of defending "his way" of handling crises- trying to understand/empathize with the suspect/criminal and to try to not use weapons except as an absolute last option.) I felt there were too many tricked up arguments for as well as against the use of force.

    Still, I watched what I did because I loved watching the main cast interact. They seemed to be genuine friends who worried about each other, as well as had cookouts with each other. Even the ex-Mrs. Moloney was nice and sweet to Nick!

    If you get a chance to see it in reruns or on VHS/DVD, it's a nice afternoon of decent writing and action, and fun leads!