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In this comedy of a loving but dysfunctional family, Crhisty is newly sober and a single mom raising two children. To make things harder, Christy's mother Bonnie returns to Napa Valley to work on her relationship with her daughter. Also, struggling with her boss and lover, her teenaged daughter, her ex-husband and life in general, Christy works hard to keep a positive attitude and stay in her path.

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  • Awesome show to fill in void left by How I Met Your Mother

    Very funny show. The comedy seems plain and simple unlike the same "vulgar" and "obscene" and "gay" jokes that are now becoming repetitive in almost all series. Nice plan by Chuck Lorre to go back to basics. Even the show setup appears "basic" and "simple" nothing is "extra-ordinary' about the show and that's probably why it is such a laugh. Even casting is not at all anything "fancy". Anna Farris does a good job being the only central character. Others have done good too. Good it got another season and even better because Two and Half men is finally ending virtually guaranteeing a 3rd season for Mom.moreless
  • Mom got renewed

    I'm glad that Mom is returning next year. Cause it became immediately one of my favorites and made me laugh out loud.
  • a Real sitcom

    a real sitcom since long time it reminds me of the 90s sitcoms when people use to be funny
  • me like it

    Cool new show. Dysfunctional people are allways funny;)
  • Best Comedy on Television (from a recovering alcoholic/addict)

    For those who say that this show has bland characters, not a lot of substance, and has a lot of bad messages for kids, buck up. This isn't a kids show. It is an adult comedy. I'm in recovery and I think this is perhaps one of the best shows that has depicted characters from actual meetings. I by no means represent every recovering alcoholic or drug user. Hell, I may not even represent most of them, but from my experience I find this show very refreshing. Alcoholics and drug users don't walk into meetings and instantly lose all their problems. Dropping one addiction doesn't mean that no others pop up. Addiction can be anything- alcohol, drugs, sex, food, shopping, gambling, self obsession, etc. and the best part about this show is that it doesn't hide anything.

    All addicts (regardless of the problem) share similar traits and for anyone who has any experience with addiction and can take an honest look at themselves, this is a brilliant show. Anna Faris does a great job portraying someone who is recovering from one addiction and trying to lead a better life. She has flaws, she is no grade A mom, but she is trying. She has self esteem issues, makes poor choices, and perhaps isn't the best example to her children. Guess what? She had absolutely nothing several months ago and is rebuilding her life from scratch. Also, like most addicts, she comes from a family of addicts and her mother is one of the most hilarious characters on television. Also, like most people who don't take recovery seriously, her mother relapses and hits rock bottom on her next trip out. Many of the situations that pop up on the show I have seen in real meetings and the moral of the stories are almost always the actual solution. When I see someone who obviously needs to talk in a meeting, I invite them for coffee. When someone is in distress, we offer them a place to stay. We also make stupid mistakes in the process and have to rebuild our lives, some a lot more then others. Some of us have lost absolutely everything, while others were lucky enough to still have our families in tact yet have other problems. Still, regardless of where any of us are at, we are all struggling with ourselves and are having to learn to love ourselves all over again. Some of us never even learned this in the first place. We also learn that there is no way we can save everyone, and they have to want help to be successful in the program.

    I can't think of any other show that shows people in recovery in a more honest, yet hilarious, manner. Does Dexter do this? Hell no. Does Elementary? Nope. This show really provides an honest look at a flawed character and gives it a hilarious spin. We laugh in recovery, we make fun of the stupid things we do, and we grow from it. We also develop a conscious which is something that Anna Faris and her mother show quite well. Everyone has problems. We grow, we learn to laugh at our mistakes, and we don't make the same mistakes again. If you are offended by this show then that is your own fault. You live in a glass world where everyone is privileged, no one in your life has ever struggled with anything, and you believe that tv characters have to represent this ideal. Guess what? Life isn't like that. We have problems and the strong people learn to laugh at them and become good people. The strongest people don't start off strong, but work extremely hard at it. They learn from their faults and they have a strong perception of how the world actually is. If you take an honest look at this show and let down your guard, many will see that this is an excellent show. If you still don't get the humor, then that's okay, but for many people who have ever struggled with recovering from something that had completely taken over their lives, this show provides something truly brilliant. Nothing more, nothing less.moreless

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