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  • My favorite show

    Love the actors, great chemistry. Funny and serious, too, a nice dose of gallows humor and a lot of love going around. As for the daughter... I don't know many teenage daughters who are not rebellious and sometimes you would want to give them to the first gypsy that comes around. Very believable to me.

  • Was a watcher

    Well, guess I won't be watching next weeks episode. I refuse to watch anything that has effing Rosie in it!!!!
  • written by Chuck Lorre

    Was considering watching this show,, then saw it was written by Chuck Lorre. I assume that means it celebrates the worst sides of humanity and characterizes people as 2 dimensional dysfunctional nitwits.

    When you watch a Chuck Lorre show, you're the butt of his jokes, no exception.
  • Superb little treat :)

    I am genuinely 100% shocked how much I love this show. I had heard about it but wrote it off, silly me. When I actually watched it I fell in love and binge watched the entire 1st season. There is such a great simplicity about the show. Fine performances all round but especially from Faris and Janney who seems to relish in this kind of role. The only detestable character I find is the daughter!!!! Yes I know her upbringing wasn't perfect but my she is just plain rude and ungrateful. I would have given her a good slap already!!! Hope it airs for a good long while.
  • Get rid of the laugh track!

    I have watched this show since its premiere, and I think it is one of the funniest out there. Anna Faris and Allison Janney are great, and play off each other beautifully. But PLEASE get rid of the awful and very phony laugh track! It is an annoying distraction. i can assure you that fans of this show do not need to be told when to laugh!
  • Love this show

    Love this sitcom for its simplicity. It never fails to make me laugh. Just wish the network that airs it here would air it consistently!

    I hope it continues for a long time.
  • Severe character flaw in mother

    Character flaw or miswrite? Alison Janney' s character is perfidious and unlikeable and, hmmm just realised what's going on. Same creator as 'Two and a Half Men'. I feel I'm watching an older, female version of Charlie Sheen - close your eyes and listen to the dialogue - adjust for gender. Bingo - she's a washed up gilf - possibly on the road to redemption. But thoroughly unlikeable.

    Unfortunately overshadows the cute buttonish beauty of Anna Faris. And I like the pairing with Justin Long as an early romance.

    Please tone down the mother, soften her, or dilute her appearances, she's ruining the show for me!
  • Awesome show to fill in void left by How I Met Your Mother

    Very funny show. The comedy seems plain and simple unlike the same "vulgar" and "obscene" and "gay" jokes that are now becoming repetitive in almost all series. Nice plan by Chuck Lorre to go back to basics. Even the show setup appears "basic" and "simple" nothing is "extra-ordinary' about the show and that's probably why it is such a laugh. Even casting is not at all anything "fancy". Anna Farris does a good job being the only central character. Others have done good too. Good it got another season and even better because Two and Half men is finally ending virtually guaranteeing a 3rd season for Mom.
  • Mom got renewed

    I'm glad that Mom is returning next year. Cause it became immediately one of my favorites and made me laugh out loud.
  • a Real sitcom

    a real sitcom since long time it reminds me of the 90s sitcoms when people use to be funny
  • me like it

    Cool new show. Dysfunctional people are allways funny;)
  • Best Comedy on Television (from a recovering alcoholic/addict)

    For those who say that this show has bland characters, not a lot of substance, and has a lot of bad messages for kids, buck up. This isn't a kids show. It is an adult comedy. I'm in recovery and I think this is perhaps one of the best shows that has depicted characters from actual meetings. I by no means represent every recovering alcoholic or drug user. Hell, I may not even represent most of them, but from my experience I find this show very refreshing. Alcoholics and drug users don't walk into meetings and instantly lose all their problems. Dropping one addiction doesn't mean that no others pop up. Addiction can be anything- alcohol, drugs, sex, food, shopping, gambling, self obsession, etc. and the best part about this show is that it doesn't hide anything.

    All addicts (regardless of the problem) share similar traits and for anyone who has any experience with addiction and can take an honest look at themselves, this is a brilliant show. Anna Faris does a great job portraying someone who is recovering from one addiction and trying to lead a better life. She has flaws, she is no grade A mom, but she is trying. She has self esteem issues, makes poor choices, and perhaps isn't the best example to her children. Guess what? She had absolutely nothing several months ago and is rebuilding her life from scratch. Also, like most addicts, she comes from a family of addicts and her mother is one of the most hilarious characters on television. Also, like most people who don't take recovery seriously, her mother relapses and hits rock bottom on her next trip out. Many of the situations that pop up on the show I have seen in real meetings and the moral of the stories are almost always the actual solution. When I see someone who obviously needs to talk in a meeting, I invite them for coffee. When someone is in distress, we offer them a place to stay. We also make stupid mistakes in the process and have to rebuild our lives, some a lot more then others. Some of us have lost absolutely everything, while others were lucky enough to still have our families in tact yet have other problems. Still, regardless of where any of us are at, we are all struggling with ourselves and are having to learn to love ourselves all over again. Some of us never even learned this in the first place. We also learn that there is no way we can save everyone, and they have to want help to be successful in the program.

    I can't think of any other show that shows people in recovery in a more honest, yet hilarious, manner. Does Dexter do this? Hell no. Does Elementary? Nope. This show really provides an honest look at a flawed character and gives it a hilarious spin. We laugh in recovery, we make fun of the stupid things we do, and we grow from it. We also develop a conscious which is something that Anna Faris and her mother show quite well. Everyone has problems. We grow, we learn to laugh at our mistakes, and we don't make the same mistakes again. If you are offended by this show then that is your own fault. You live in a glass world where everyone is privileged, no one in your life has ever struggled with anything, and you believe that tv characters have to represent this ideal. Guess what? Life isn't like that. We have problems and the strong people learn to laugh at them and become good people. The strongest people don't start off strong, but work extremely hard at it. They learn from their faults and they have a strong perception of how the world actually is. If you take an honest look at this show and let down your guard, many will see that this is an excellent show. If you still don't get the humor, then that's okay, but for many people who have ever struggled with recovering from something that had completely taken over their lives, this show provides something truly brilliant. Nothing more, nothing less.
  • Well Worth Watching

    I just watched all 12 episodes in a row because I just couldn't stop. This show is hilarious! Yes, it is an adult oriented show. So what? It's funny, and if you don't want your kids to watch it, CHANGE THE CHANNEL!!! Why do people think all shows need to be child friendly? I am an adult who enjoys watching a show for adults, and this show airs at 9:30 for a reason! Watch it and enjoy it for what it is, FUNNY!
  • One of the great comedies this season

    A incredible show with an more incredible cast yet , it is almost impossible to not laugh every single episode.
  • There is a reason this show plays at 9:30

    To all those complaining about it sending a bad message, there is a reason this show plays at 9:30 pm on a Monday night. It's not meant for kids to watch. If your letting your kids watch and be influenced by a tv show, than that, IMO, is just bad parenting on your part. Whether you like it or not, this show represents 75% of the average american household these days. This show is more-so reality than people want to believe.
  • the worst

    this is by far the worst show i have ever saw, its not funny at all and sends a very very very bad messages. i think they showed be trialed for being so so so dull and boring and expected. its so annoying
  • Bad message

    I think it is about time that TV producers gave some thought to the crap their kids are watching. 3 generation of unwed mother. Great message to your daughters and you want to know why them use drugs and get pregmant? Look at your own shows.
  • good cast wasted

    There's a lot of talent in this show in front of the camera, but apparently none behind it. Anna Faris stars as a recently sobered up mom trying to win back the trust of her kids while dealing with resentment over her equally screwed up mom. Getting sober hasn't cured Anna of making bad decisions; she's carrying on an affair, although this is perhaps a step up from her marriage to a drug dealer.

    This is an oddly dark premise for a sitcom, but don't let that trick you into thinking this will be edgy. Instead, this is amazingly conventional, a laugh-track heavy series of set ups to obvious jokes that almost never land.

    In spite of all the talented stars, the only people in the show who are remotely amusing are French Stewart as a haughty chef and some dopey shirtless guy who for all I know isn't even a regular character (it's a small part).

    Producer Chuck Lorre put up a note at the end of the first episode saying that, whether or not they succeeded, the intent was to create something that dealt well with serious issues. It's a shame they failed so abysmally.
  • Absolutely hysterical!

    Haven't laughed out loud since "Friends" show. One of the best current comedy shows along with Mike and Molly.
  • Great show!

    I've laughed out loud every episode and usually giggle all the way through!

    I think it is one of the funnier sitcoms on TV now. A lot of people have commented that it is crude and vulgar, but I don't agree at all. That is - sure, it's dark at times, and a bit more outspoken than most american shows, but It is no more vulgar or offensive than any other show out there (less than many).

    My one complain is that the episodes are so short!
  • enjoyable

    I enjoyed watching the fist two episodes. Didn't find it so funny though.. It's much better than somw other new comedies that have premiered..
  • Whhhhyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    First of all I love Anna Faris and I would love to see her more often on tv but ... In this case I have bad feeling that it wont be in Mom. And I have to admit that Im dissapointed that this show dont works out for me because my hopes were up when I wirst heard of the show. So why is that so? I dont know one of the biggest issue is the fact that its not funny and the jokes are on a low level.
  • Well I liked it!

    I actually had a first decent lough in ages. Sure, there's room for improvement and it might not be the 'coolest' comedy around, but I thought it was quite funny and entertaining. I'd like to see more.
  • Mom cancel it now

    This is a new low in so called sitcoms. Its not funny at all. Cancel soon pls...
  • Laughter Track....

    next !
  • Not a single likable character. OK, maybe the older lady who was having a birthday...

    So ex-drug users and alcoholics are the new "everyday" parent?

    That is how this show is presented: "Hey look at this woman, she has problems too, just like you". I'm saddened if this type of person is really the average in our society.

    I understand trying to have a flawed protagonist but these characters are ALL problems, no soul. We find out the main character breaks down at work because someone complimented her, she's sleeping with a married man (who is also her boss), is a (ex)drunk/druggie, and cannot understand why her children are messed up and repeating her horrible mistakes (no wonder considering their roll model), and that's just 10 min in... woo-hoo... how funny and entertaining. It turns out she is exactly like her awful mother who was also an abuser. This was just painful to watch.

    I gave this a try for Anna Faris, and even though I'm a fan of hers, I do NOT recommend this show.
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