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  • good cast wasted

    There's a lot of talent in this show in front of the camera, but apparently none behind it. Anna Faris stars as a recently sobered up mom trying to win back the trust of her kids while dealing with resentment over her equally screwed up mom. Getting sober hasn't cured Anna of making bad decisions; she's carrying on an affair, although this is perhaps a step up from her marriage to a drug dealer.

    This is an oddly dark premise for a sitcom, but don't let that trick you into thinking this will be edgy. Instead, this is amazingly conventional, a laugh-track heavy series of set ups to obvious jokes that almost never land.

    In spite of all the talented stars, the only people in the show who are remotely amusing are French Stewart as a haughty chef and some dopey shirtless guy who for all I know isn't even a regular character (it's a small part).

    Producer Chuck Lorre put up a note at the end of the first episode saying that, whether or not they succeeded, the intent was to create something that dealt well with serious issues. It's a shame they failed so abysmally.