Mon Colle Knights

FOX (ended 2002)


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Mon Colle Knights

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Mon Colle Knights features Mondo, a guy wearing a goofy costume. Together with his friend Rockna and her scientist dad, Professor Hiragi, they jump into the Utopian Eagle and zoom off to an outrageous monster-filled place called Mon World. And while they're there, Mondo & Rockna merge with monsters, deal with tin chickens, and fight the evil Prince Eccentro! Their mission: collect all six Monster Items that will bring together their world and Mon World into universal peace. Eccentro's plan: zap monsters and make them evil, steal the six Monster Items, and rule over BOTH worlds. Additional Info •This show was created by Studio Deen, with the English adaptation done by Saban Entertainment.
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  • While not the most awesome show ever, Mon Colle Knights was endearing and amusing in a way. As mentioned earlier, it didn't have time to build up a fanbase, and the dub being excessively bad didn't help it either.moreless

    I didn't think much of Mon Colle Knights at first, but it did hold my interest, especially after I figured out it was supposed to be a parody. The darker episodes were rather good actually, even if the dub dumbed them down.

    Speaking of the dub, it was done horribly. They occasionally cramped two episodes into one, including the introduction episode, they added needles dialogue, changed character traits and names and cut much to make the show more suited for a younger audience and as a result had to re-use a lot of scenes. Also, replacing the Rokumon, a vital part of the show, wasn't a very good move.

    Anyway, what managed to survive the cutting sometimes looked pretty good in animation standards and sometimes looked horrid, depending on what studio did the work. The plot for 80 % of the show tends to be rather episodic and are just there for amusement, it's not something you watch for the storyline. The remaining 20 % can be fairly dark though and has more of a continuing story.

    In regard to another review, the girl does not bring monsters to life. The monsters are already there, they can be summoned, but all she can do is somewhat communicate with them through empathy.

    Also, would someone please fix the episode guide? There are Japanese episodes listed and episodes that never existed. The Saban run of Mon Colle Knights consisted of 45 episodes, the original version had 51. There is no such thing as an episode 79 and manga volumes should not be listed as episodes.moreless
  • This is about a girl and boy, Rockna and Mondo.They travel into another dimension to collect cards and items.But the bad people are doind the exact same thing.

    BRING IT BACK!!!!!!!!

    BRING IT BACK!!!!!!!!

    This cartooon is sooooooooooo cute and really cool.

    I really love it.

    Is there more seasons of the Mon Collie Knights or is that it.

    I really like the monsters..Most of them are super duper cute.

    And I like it when Rockna keep hitting Mondo because of its cooking and when Mondo fall in love with another girl..

    So funny..
  • Two young kids, Mondo Ooya and Rockna Hiragi, find a new world filled with monsters of all kind. Together, the two of them must protect this world from the forces of the Prince Eccentro and his henchgirls as the Mon Colle Knights.moreless

    To my personal opinion, Mon Colle Knights is one of my favorite anime shows that I know. If you ignore the english version of it, you\'ll still love it no matter what. The Mondo/Rockna moments, the true evil being in Mon World

    within Redda, goofy dialogues. To me, Mon Colle Knights

    will remain as a example to anime cartoons.
  • Mondo, Rocna, and Kahemi where are you?

    It all started when I went 2 1/2 years without cable. I watched all the shows that were coming on Fox kids and Kids WB. But after digimon and Card Captors I always get excited when this show came on every Saturday at 11:30. I loved this show to death I basically seen almost every episode. I always got angry if I missed even 1 or 2 new episodes. Boy talk about exciting I was only 13 when I seen this. Mondo, Rocna, and Professor Huraki always used monster cards to fing monster items but the last episode never came on because of the foxBox was coming. My favorite episode was the one with Kahemi man talk about beatiful anime girls.

    P.S Bring this show back please.moreless
  • Take a gander at the main page ;)

    I absolutely loved this show, but it disappeared much too quickly. The fanbase was just building and *poof!* it vanishes, not a good thing. This show was engaging and addictive but it wasn't given the time to flouish. It has such great potential, it just needs time to be shown and shared!