Mon Colle Knights

Season 1 Episode 1

Just Another Mon-Day

Aired Unknown Jul 21, 2001 on FOX
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Episode Summary

Just Another Mon-Day
Mondo and Rockna have their first adventure in Mon World!

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (7)

    • In Part 2, Rockna's right glove disappeared when Eccentro brought Teddyurnaut, just before spitting out second card.

    • In Part 2, when Teddyurnaut appeared for the second time, the background sky is in fire red, even though the environment has been mostly in cloudy white blue colours. It seems Saban reused the Teddyurnaut footage from Part 1 of the episode.

    • In the victory footage, Rockna's left wristband turns white at the beginning, and her left glove disappear in one frame of her close-up, then her left wristband turned white again when Mondo started zooming in and Rockna closed her eyes, then both wristbands turned white when she started dropping her right arm and raising her left arm. This is a frequently reused footage, so the errors are propagated throughout the entire series whenever victory sequence exists, unless otherwise specified.

    • At the beginning of merging sequence, Rockna's gloves disappear. This is a frequently reused footage, so the error is propagated throughout the entire series whenever merging sequence exists, unless otherwise specified.

    • In Part 1, Mondo help up a Fire Dragon card said he completed the Earth realm set, when clearly it was a Fire realm monster. Also, he said 'Single', not 'Bingo'.

    • At the bottom of the first inning, when Professor Hiragi was at bat, the score from the top of the 1st inning disappeared from the score board during the staring sequence, in a close-up view of Eccentro.

    • The Saban dub messed up the bottom of the ninth standing. When Forester was at bat, only Punch-Punch was on base, so they were not loaded. Consequently, when Forester scored a home run, Mon Colle Knights' team could not have a score of 'a bunch +3'.

  • QUOTES (4)

    • Batch: I can't believe I am chasing a mindless piece of belly button lint!
      Eccentro: Are you talking to Gluko or the Seechee(?)?

    • Eccentro: (Thinking) Oh! Alright, I was a rotten student who cheated every chance I got. At least I turned out to be bad!

    • Professor Hiragi: Well, now, it's time to put out the heavy hardware!
      Mondo: What's with the tin chicken?
      Professor Hiragi: It's not a chicken, Mondo. This is my invention, the Mon World supercomputer!
      Mondo & Rockna: It's still look like a tin chicken.
      Professor Hiragi: Oh... Wrong! It was Titanium! It's a Mon World monster detector! It will really help us in case of fowl play.
      Mondo & Rockna: Ah...

    • Ms. Loon: Class, I hope you enjoy the weekend, but wouldn't it be much better to call it the strong end?

  • NOTES (8)