Mona the Vampire

YTV (ended 2002)


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  • Mona's number one!!

    This show is what the kids of 2013 REALLY need instead of all the crap they've got now. Imaginations are in need of sparking and Mona is the rolemodel for it!! Mona's imagination may cause trouble in reality, but her imagination WILL save the world!!!

    Even the title is gay ,mona the vampire.........yup, that sounds like a show only childish gays watch. This is the 5th worst show I ever watched.
    1. teletubbies
    2. the adventures of the aftermath crew (crappy acting and story)
    3. ricky sprocket
    4. grossology
    5. mona the vampire
    6.johnny test
    and the list goes on. This is about a girl who thinks she's a vampire and her friends are an alien and a princess. She has a huge imagination and always thinks something fictional is to blame for something, I wish I could rate this -30 but won't let me (don't won't even let me rate it 0.0). For some reason they have bandages on their knees all the time and most of the girls eyes make them look like their tired. Stay away from this show at all costs!
  • i have to watch it because when i look after my baby sister sometimes when my mums at work i have to sit and watch it .

    Mona the Vampier..

    I cant understand who came up with this idea.

    My baby sister loves this program, she will sit there for ages just waiting till the program comes on.

    She loves it !!!!!!

    Honestly i dont like it, it a girl who changes into a Vampier whats that all about, a cat that has massive fangs. MADNESS.

    IF they made it a bit more colourful instead of mostly brown, green, black and grey. they need more colour in it if you ask me but hey thats only my opinion .

    Im sure little kids find it highly amusing aswell like my baby sister.

    Your sincerly Kandice ...
  • A 10 year old girl called mona and her weird imagination she see weird and mestirious things and her friends charlie , lily and her cat fang battle monsters aliens, dracular ,and other scary creatures and monsters to save the town and the world on a daily

    The show is great one of my favourites ,Mona Parker and her weird imagination blasting and deffeating monsters to save the town and to save the day with her friends Lilly ,Charlie and her pet cat Fang.The show is great good for the kids , batling aliens , weird creatures and monsters gets better every episode.
    The sho should be brought backafter 3 years.
  • Mona the Vampire is about Mona, her friends Charley and Lily and even her cat Fangs. They solve mysteries, whether real or just events that they assume are real, and keep the town safe from monsters and evil. Reality and imagination twist and become one,

    This is one of my favorite shows! Just like Muppet Babies and Anne of Green Gables, this series shows how amazing a child's mind is and how far it can take him/her. What might confuse some viewers is the fact that sometimes you can’t tell whether certain thing really happened or if it was a product of the gang’s imagination. To me, that’s what gives the show the real spark and mystery. Wish there were more shows like this! Yay Mona!
  • The story's a little too confusing

    This show is not bad, but it's not great either. The only real problem is that the storylines are shaky, and unbelievable.

    There's a girl and her friends who imagine that people and things that act strange are monsters, and run around town dressed in Halloween costumes while doing it. I think that would be more than a little embarrassing in real life

    I think the show is ok to watch, but it would be more interesting if, say, Mona was a real vampire hiding her secret identity, and the town had monsters posing as ordinary citizens. That would be be a cool cartoon to watch.
  • One of the worst shows ever aired.

    A pointless show about a 10-year old girl who imagines weird and retarded things getting her into trouble with her two best friends. Can anyone say, dumb storyline and waste of time? They should take this off the air on YTV and replace it with a different show people want to see (or were cancelled). Anyways, this show is a waste of your time and I strongly do not recommmend that you watch it!