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In this prime time 'telenovela' from the producers of American Idol, 14 episodes explore a woman struggling to rebuild her life after being incarcerated for a crime she did not commit and her relationship with a man trapped in a loveless marriage.

Set against the backdrop of a small California beach community, Bianca must make peace with her family and find who really murdered her father. Mixed up in the equation is the reigning family of Monarch Cove and the heir apparent whose pursuit of Bianca complicates both their lives. Deceit, illicit love, an empire, and a dash of mystery, this soap has something for everyone.
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  • Wonderful show!!

    This was a great show and I never missed it. I hated to see it get taken off the air. There was not anything good on TV Friday nights and I even caught the reruns on Saturday nights. It seems whenever a decent show airs for a few episodes it get pulled off the air and doesnt air again. I hope this does not happen to this show. It would be a shame because I am sure there was a big viewing audience. It has a wonderful storyline and I am looking forward to seeing new episodes of it. Please bring it back and make is a long running series!!moreless
  • It has been way too long for a show like this. I was hoping it would have aired longer than it did. It was a great show with great looking healthy young people. Jake and Bianca had great chemistry and I will miss yuning in.moreless

    I love Monarch Cove! I haven't been this interested in a show since my friends and I tuned in to Melrose Place. Television seems to be made up of reality shows and drama's about Hospitals,crime scenes and comedy re-runs. I was so happy yo have a show on that I could relate to. I think it should have been on a bit earlier. Just a bit.. I thought the cast was terrific and they are all so great looking! It was nice to be transported to such a beautiful place evry Friday night. I miss Jake and Bianca already!moreless
  • Monarch Cove ending

    I am so upset that Monarch Cove is over. I have been watching the show from day one. I thought it was going to be a series. I would have never started watching it, if I had of known it was gonna end in 6 weeks. I wish you had of made it alonger show. I thought it was a really good show and I never missed it.

    Since you all ended the show in the last episode, there is really no way to bring it back. We all know now that bianca and jake got married and had a child. I\'m really disappointedmoreless
  • I Love It! Friday night TV was a drag until I found this show! Now I wouldn't miss it for anything. Just the right amount of intrigue and not distastful. This show was a hit with me and my friends.moreless

    Bianca and Jake are my favorite characters. Herein lies the intrique. Lifetime did good to air this show. It gives some of us housewives a big break from a hard weeks work on Friday night while everyone else is asleep. I would hate to see this show not make it. Aexander and Arianna remind me of the typical well-to-do couple with the same problems I see in most marriages. It's good to see more real life events happen on late night as opposed to fantasy. Please bring it back. I'm not a late night person but I definately stayed up for these episodes.moreless
  • 9.4
    Great show....very addicting. Moved time slots--now airs Friday nights starting at 10pm. I just want to know one thing: When the heck is Jake going to find out that his wife is a trap and is carrying another man\'s baby?? Ugh...

    Bianca is a good character, but sometimes too nice and selfless--which can get very annoying, especially in the face of such inequity. I definitely think her character needs to step it up!

    Kathy is also turning out to be a star character...her prospects seem better than Bianca\'s and her relationships with other charcters more complex. Definitely a show to watch!!moreless
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