Monarch of the Glen

BBC (ended 2005)


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  • Season 1
    • Series One - Episode One
      Young restaurant owner Archie MacDonald is called urgently from London back to his ailing fathers bedside in the ancestral home in Scotland, Glenbogle. He soon discovers that Hector has nothing worse than a cold and his sweet but dotty mother Molly has called him home on a pretext and has worked events so he can't easily escape back to London.moreless
    • Episode 1
      Episode 1
      Episode 1
      Archie's plans to turn the crumbling estate into a cash cow are thrown off course by the arrival of a team of bankers from the firm that backs the estate. Lexie is vowing to quit her job, Hector and Molly have already left the house, and Katrina has decided to avoid the estate altogether - having been deterred by the jealous Justine.moreless
    • Series One - Episode Two
      Archie's attempts to return to his life in London are stalled by the banks threat to foreclose on the huge loan the estate has taken out. Everyone on the estate works hard to change the bankers mind when he arrives at Glenbogle but it's Lexie, the young housekeeper who persuades him that there are more important things in life than money.moreless
    • Series One - Episode Three
      Jealousies run high when Archie's girlfriend and business partner, Justine travels up from London to see what's holding Archie up. It seems she feels he has developed too much of a soft spot for local girl Katrina. She also stumbles on a locked room at the estate which apparently belonged to Archie's brother who drowned when they were teenagers. The Glenbogle ball proves to be the scene of the Justine/Katrina showdown.moreless
    • Series One - Episode Four
      A visiting genealogist friend of Hectors discovers a diary which records Katrina's mother, a former servant in the house, as having an affair with someone called ‘H'. Molly is understandably upset by the implications until it is discovered that Katrina's father, the mysterious ‘H' is the genealogist himself.
    • Series One - Episode Five
      Archie's wayward sister Lizzie turns up with her New Age boyfriend Gerald and it seems the pair have big plans to turn Glenbogle into a kind of hippy retreat. Archie and Gerald end up at loggerheads, however, when some of their New Age ideals seem to involve Hector rediscovering his lost youth and taking an ill advised swim in the lake.moreless
    • Series One - Episode Six
      As the Laird of Glenbogle Archie takes part in a traditional boat race across the loch. He is up against Laird Kilwillie, a neighbouring land-owner. Archie finds himself having to race to win back a MacDonald heirloom ring which has ended up in Kilwillie's possession.
    • Series One - Episode Seven
      Archie tries to juggle his life in London with his new role as Laird of Glenbogle. He and Lexie make a hectic journey down to London for a special Highland night in his restaurant and he dashes back north just in time to see Katrina beat Kilwillie in the local elections. Understandably Justine's patience is wearing very thin.moreless
    • Series One - Episode Eight
      Inevitably, Justine gives Archie an ultimatum… come back to London, to the restaurant and her or give up both. Archie offers to sell out of the restaurant to help save Glenbogle, but is that what he really wants. Justine arrives at Glenbogle and Archie must decide where his loyalties and his heart lie, London or Glenbogle. Either way, Justine is determined not to lose her man.moreless
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