Monarch of the Glen

BBC (ended 2005)


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  • A great show showing Scotland at it’s very best! !

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    i think that they should do another series a few years on after Archie has returned and showing the Estate prosper. i think that the show ended badly and there shouldbe one last season.

    This show shows scotland odd at it'sbest and they should do more talesabout Glen Bogle.

    I wish that it still ran!!
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  • Set in the Scottish Higholands, this drama follows the turbulent life of laird Archie MacDonald (Alastair MacKenzie), his wife Lexie (Dawn Steele) and other various characters along the way.

    Wonderful feel-good highland drama. My only complaint is the fast changing cast. You really have to see every episode to understand what is going on or else you will have no idea where for example Katrina went. On the other side, it is set in the beautiful scottish highlands with very different character ranging from down-to-earth Lexie to larger-than-life Hector. I would highly recommend this show to people of all ages as this is one of the best shows on television! Either rent it or buy it if you haven't yet seen it... you will easily become addicited as I did.
  • I did like this show for the two first seasons. Then I think it started to fall behind and just go on and on with not much new. And I really miss Hector in all the rest seasons. Althou he really did die in a funny way.

    As long as Hector was a part of the show everything was as it should have been all the way. When he died the show lost alot. Not everything I can't say that but it wasen't as good as it could have been. The when Archie left the show I just became angry and watched the show just for one other caracter and that is the super cool Golly. I was sad to see Duncan leave the show to. When I think about it like this I wonder why I didn't stop follow the show. But i guess it had something. Thanks
  • Never too late....

    I discovered this show via Netflix. I am impressed with the quality and depth of the story. I was disappointed and saddened with my favorite characters leaving the show. I wish more shows was created in this manner, not to mention it was a unique and different storyline I never seen before. I am impressed with BBC, more and more. I fell in love with Scotland and maybe someday I can visit. Yes, some episodes were not as good but I am desperate for a different kind of show and this was it. Please make another show.
  • Disappointing on many levels

    I discovered this on Netflix. After most of season 2 I got annoyed at the behavior of many of the characters and the meandering, frustrating plot lines. How many annoying people and scenes can one endure without the satisfaction of something coming to pleasant ending. The tattered and silly aristocracy and its annoying attitudes, the sputtering romantic plot line that is totally annoying, and then favorite characters who never seem to learn anything about life and who continue to behave stupidly over and over yet they expect different results. I like to identify with characters or at least how they handle themselves in certain situations but not here, folks. I gave up before season two the story line synopsis and realized that I was just going to get angrier at the idiocy of it all. Good riddance.
  • Monarch of the glen

    Too much hopes and dreams shattered and unresolved sadness when Katrina left. No chance of any happy ending without Archie eventually marrying Katrina.