Monarch of the Glen - Season 2

BBC (ended 2005)


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Episode Guide

  • Series Two - Episode Eight
    Just as Archie finally seems to have got Glenbogle back to it's feet as a fully functioning tourist attraction, a rich businessman from Atlanta USA, Joe MacDonald, makes a legitimate claim to the lands and title. Archie has to invoke the Chieftan's Challenge and battle Joe for the right to be Laird. Lexie has always had her eye on Archie and when Katrina leaves she plans her move. However Katrina returns to the estate, minus Fergal, and sees she has still got a fight on her hands if she really wants Archie back.moreless
  • Series Two - Episode Seven
    Lizzie arrives at Glenbogle, heavily pregnant and abandoned by the baby's married father. She wants comfort and support but finds her father disappointed and disapproving. Lizzie plants doubts in Katrina's mind about leaving with Fergal to start a new life and as Archie battles to reconcile Lizzie and Hector before the baby is born, Katrina has some serious thinking to do.moreless
  • Series Two - Episode Six
    Lexie's estranged mother Pamela appears on the scene wanting to wed her millionaire boyfriend on the estate in a lavish ceremony. Her plans of mother daughter reconciliation don't go quite to plan as Lexie makes it clear that the past is not so easily put behind them. Archie is stuck in the middle trying to please both sides while Katrina is told that the local education authority plan to close her school. But Fergal is planning to leave Glenbogle for a new job in new Zealand and asks her to go with him.moreless
  • Series Two - Episode Five
    While Archie attempts to turn a derelict Crofters cottage into a proper tourist attraction, Molly finds her gambling addiction has landed her in trouble with a Glasgow gangster who arrives on the estate expecting his I.O.U.'s to be paid in full.
  • Series Two - Episode Four
    Hector decides to marry Archie off and invites a host of possible brides to the estate. Meanwhile Molly is organising Archie's surprise 30th birthday party. Archie has his own problems what with a cantankerous former tenant causing trouble and the revelation that Katrina and Fergal are more than just good friends.moreless
  • Series Two - Episode Three
    While Hector has to go to an old flame for help with a rejected grant application, Golly and Fergal are locking horns in a power struggle over the estate. Poor Duncan finds himself stuck in the middle again as the two mean battle for his loyalty.
  • Series Two - Episode Two
    How will Golly and Duncan react to being passed over for the job of Head Ranger? Even Archie isn't sure that appointing dashing Irishman Fergal Mac Lure is a good idea. He has the right qualifications and determination but not only, will it upset the household, Katrina seems to have taken a real shine to the new guy and Archie can't help but worry.moreless
  • Series Two - Episode One
    Six months of Justine at Glenbogle has been too much for the other residents, Lexie is threatening to quit her job, Hector and Molly have already moved out and Katrina just won't come near the place. To add to the stress, the bank keeps sending representatives to keep an eye on things. Eventually, Archie and Justine have a big, public break up.moreless