Monarch of the Glen - Season 4

BBC (ended 2005)


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Episode Guide

  • Series Four - Episode Three
    Two faces from the past turn up. Firstly, Katrina, and an old friend of Hector's, Louis. Neither of their intentions are honourable. Katrina wants Archie back and Louis wants control of Glenbogle by marrying Molly. Lexie is hurt by Katrina's presence and packs a bag and goes over the hills, to be then tracked by Archie. Everyone arrives and the now happy couple get married.moreless
  • Series Four - Episode Two
    The day of the opening of the Glenbogle Wildlife Centre arrives, with nothing but trouble. A new employee, Esme, sabotages the signs and an enemy of Molly's decides ether the Centre will open or not. Meanwhile, Golly is fighting for Irene's affections with Duncan.
  • Series Four - Episode Four
    David Fraser, an old friend of the MacDonald's, mainly Jamie's turns up with his friend Jonathon. Lexie takes a disliking to him, as he makes a pass at her. Archie thinks he is the same person as when they were younger, but only Lexie can see what he really is. She confronts Archie, who then has a fight with David, and he is thrown out of Glenbogle.
    Meanwhile Molly is harbouring a wolf runt (called Hector) so he won't be killed.moreless
  • Series Four - Episode Seven
    Greg MacDonald and his wife challenge Archie for the role of Laird of Glenbogle. Also the debt from Hector's death duties must now be paid, £250,000. In order to save Glenbogle Molly agrees to marry Kilwillie, but then has a change of heart. They duel and Archie wins. Meanwhile, Irene tells Duncan she is pregnant and he cannot be the father.moreless
  • Series Four - Episode Nine
    A stranger, Paul, turns up looking for Golly, believing Golly is his father. He is not Golly's son but is someone from Glenbogle's son. Archie and Duncan hunt for Big Eric because he is badly injured. Lexie is in charge of arranging the Ghillies's Ball, but things start to get on top of her, like people trying to help. Archie, reluctantly, lets Paul spend the night, and watches the ball from the side.moreless
  • Series Four - Episode Ten
    The family secret threatens to destroy Archie and change Molly's life forever... It's the morning after the Ghillies' Ball and a troubled Archie has made his decision. Fearing that Paul's revelation that he is Hector's son would devastate Molly, Archie refuses to let him stay. But ultimately Archie is unable to protect Molly from the truth, leaving her to decide whether or not her future lies at Glenbogle. Lexie knows that Archie and Molly will have to accept the situation sooner or later and, unbeknownst to Archie, persuades Paul to stay for a few days while the dust settles. Molly, however, announces that she cannot cope with the truth and is leaving Glenbogle with Andrew as company. Kilwillie is shocked when Archie tells him Paul's identity and further devastated to learn that Molly is leaving. However, like a true gentleman, he offers round-the-world tickets that were originally meant for Archie and Lexie's honeymoon to Andrew on condition he take care of Molly. Archie is furious with Lexie for persuading Paul to stay but, when Molly concedes that Paul has a right to remain at Glenbogle, Archie realises he is the only one with a problem. Attempting peace, Archie shares some memories of Hector with Paul but the mention of Jamie, Archie's dead brother, causes Archie to withdraw. Molly, Golly and Archie eventually confront each other over Hector's affair and the consequences of it, leaving them all with something to think about. Lost in thought, Archie watches as Paul is dragged under by the current on the river bank after trying to save Useless, a stranded dog, forcing him to face the memory of Jamie's drowning and the possibility of losing another brother.moreless
  • Series Four - Episode Eight
    Archie decides he has no work to do and so starts to decorate a room for the nursery. Lexie and Auntie Liz are trying to find the ghost of a late MacDonald. Andrew a sculptor arrives in Glenbogle as a new neighbour, and does not get off to a good start with Molly. The ghost is found out to be a private detective trying to find Irene sent by her jilted boyfriend. She leaves and Duncan is heartbroken.moreless
  • Series Four - Episode Five
    Duncan accidently booked a group of naturists onto the campsite, and when a wolf escapes, there is havoc all around. Duncan is also in trouble when Golly finds out about his relationship with Irene. When the wolf is recaptured Golly explains about his recent lapses and his bad eye sight. He then resigns from Glenbogle and leaves.moreless
  • Series Four - Episode Six
    With Golly gone, Archie is lost without him. Lexie though locates him and gives him food and supplies. Golly comes out of hiding though when a school boy from a party goes missing and Golly finds him. Meanwhile Molly and Irene go to an art exhibition to impress on a dealer who has been to see her. Irene though spots someone she once knew, which starts to tell the truth of why she escaped to Glenbogle. Golly returns in the end when Archie finds some money for a procedure to save his eyesight.moreless
  • Series Four - Episode One
    Archie introduces a pack of wolves into Glenbogle even though Golly has warned him against it. The new cook/housekeeper arrives causing a rift between Archie and Lexie. Duncan has his work cut out when he must take a test to show he can look after the wolves when the Wildlife Centre opens. Archie swaps Lexie's ring pull engagement ring for a real diamond ring.moreless