Monarch of the Glen - Season 5

BBC (ended 2005)


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  • Hogmanay Special
    Hogmanay Special
    Episode 11
    Things go bump in the night as the MacDonald family prepares to celebrate Hogmanay with tales of ghostly goings-on at Glenbogle House. In this unique episode Monarch favourites Susan Hampshire, Dawn Steele, Alexander Morton and Lloyd Owen each take on dual roles as they go back in time to the 19th century to appear as faces from Glenbogle's colourful past. With the New Year's preparations in full swing, Golly sets the scene with a spooky story of Mad Malcolm - a ghost that haunts Glenbogle at Hogmanay. Paul is initially sceptical about the existence of ghosts and ghouls but, when the contents of a mysterious chest cause him to dream of his great grandfather, Bertie, he changes his mind. As past meets present, Paul discovers a strange link to his family heritage which looks set to change his future forever. Thirsty for knowledge of his family's secret past, Paul investigates the MacDonald family records and learns that Bertie was killed in the Boer War. Viewers are transported back in time as Bertie's family struggles to come to terms with his death. Meanwhile - amateur ghost hunter Ian Body and his daughter, Becky arrive at Glenbogle to unreavel the mystery surrounding the ghostly spectre of Mad Malcome. Ian and Duncan immediately rub each other up the wrong way, and Duncan decides to pull some supernatural pranks on his unsuspecting visitors. But Jess and Ewan also have some tricks up their sleeves. Molly isn't in the mood to celebrate the New Year after Lexie reveals Archie's plans for the future. She turns to her trusted friend and confidant, Golly, for emotional support and guidance. And, despite unravelling the truth behind his family, Paul is still uneasy about his future at Glenbogle and wonders whether he'll ever feel truly at home there.moreless
  • Series Five - Episode Ten
    An intruder in Glenbogle house turns out to be Lexie's estranged father, Alex, whom she hasn't seen in twenty years. He spins a lot of tall tales about his life working for royalty of various nations, and says he is in Glenbogle as he is on the run from the Russian Mafia. Lexie refuses to believe any of his stories and tells him to leave. He decides to stay, and gets a job as a chauffeur with Dorothy, who fancies him. Golly is still firmly against Duncan and Jess being a couple. Jess thinks he is being unreasonable and moves into the big house, but soon regrets it when Duncan tries too hard and she is unable to get any space. She goes to take a bath and when he proceeds to talk to her through the door, climbs out the window and down the drainpipe, and pitches a tent at the Outdoor Centre in search of solitude. Duncan finds her there and is hurt by her apparent rejection. Molly decides she wants to take up riding again and decides to buy a horse, so Golly accompanies her to a nearby farm run by Edith McDougall, who is slightly mad. Edith refuses to sell to a unmarried couple, so Molly lies and says Golly is her husband. Edith invites the couple to stay for dinner and asks how long they've been married, and Golly makes up a romantic story of his proposal. Later, they are forced to stay the night and share a room. Golly sleeps on the couch. He confesses his feelings for Molly.He asks her if she would have said yes if he'd asked her to marry him, and she replies "you never asked." In the morning, Edith offers to sell the entire property to Molly and Golly; with the possibility of spending the rest of their lives together, the friends have much to think about. Meanwhile, Paul and Amanda have grown much closer, and Lexie is shocked when Dorothy tells her Amanda is married. Lexie asks Paul about it, who doesn't know but pretends he does. He confronts Amanda later, who says her marriage is one of convenience and she still wants to have a relationship with him. Paul agrees, but later realises he wants a more serious relationship, and tells her he can't go on with it. Golly and Molly return to the farm, without having made a decision, and are met by Edith's son, who tells them it is his farm, and Edith is prone to fantasising. They buy the horse, and return to Glenbogle realising the idea of starting a new life together was only a dream. They agree to remain loyal and trusted friends. Lexie and Alex have a fight on the beach, with Lexie revealing the hurt she felt when Alex never returned, from what she thought as a child was a trip to buy her a hamster. She storms away from him, but later comes to accept that he'll be sticking around. However, Alex is on the run from gangsters, and one finds him and forces him to leave Glenbogle. He leaves behind a note for Lexie and a hamster. Lexie chases after him and makes her peace with him. She returns to find her hamster has disappeared, and asks Paul why everyone leaves her: her Dad, Archie, her Dad again, and her hamster. Paul replies that Archie hasn't left her, and he [Paul] will never leave her. Lexie wonders why Archie hasn't rung. Archie calls, and Lexie is very happy. Duncan surprises Jess with a birthday party, and everyone dances. Paul approaches Lexie to dance with her, but then Amanda comes in and he dances with her instead. They kiss and make up.moreless
  • Series Five - Episode Nine
    Lexie throws herself into organising a clan gathering at Glenbogle, pulling out all the stops for her Highland visitors. Such is her enthusiasm, she hires a documentary crew to cover the event so that the visiting clan members can take away a commemorative video of their special day. However, filmakers Mike Baxter and Brian Tapley seem more interested in squabbling with each other than filming the gathering at Glenbogle. the arrival of staunch traditionalist Charles MacDonald only succeeds in further exacerbating Lexie's hard work and effort. Charles criticises Lexie's preparations at every turn, and is offended by the presence of a bottle of Lagganmore whisky at the celebrations - the distillery is owned by the clan MacLeish who have been feuding with the MacDonalds for almost 400 years. To make matters worse, Paul has been fulfilling his duties on the board of the Lagganmore distillery - though it's more as a way of spending time with Amanda than though a sense of duty. When Amanda asks Paul if she can hold a scattering ceremony for her father's ashes on Glenbogle land he agrees in a bid to keep her happy. However, in light of the MacDonald and MacLeish family feud, Lexie has serious reservations about being party to this secret ceremony. Molly, too, has a secret. She's forgotten to send for the family quaich which is still in London being repaired. Knowing that it is central to the clan ceremony, Molly feels terrible about letting Lexie down - but just as she thinks all is lost, Golly comes to her rescue. Meanwhile, Duncan and Jess skirt round the subject of their friendly kiss, with neither of them wanting to admit their true feelings for one another.moreless
  • Series Five - Episode Eight
    A furious Lexie discovers that Dorothy has taken over the island in the middle of the Loch for her latest business venture, a t'ai chi retreat. The island is a lucrative source of income for Glenbogle as it has the best fishing on the estate, and Lexie is convinced that Dorothy waited for Archie to leave before trying such a stunt. Together, Lexie and Golly concoct a plan to sabotage Dorothy's retreat and win back the island from under her nose. They successfully scare away Dorothy's visitors but, when the women cast off on the boats, Lexie and Golly find themselves marooned on the island with a disgruntled Dorothy. Meanwhile, Molly is trying hard to put her break-up with Andrew behind her. When a chance encounter with him at the local pub upsets her again, Molly decides to seek refuge at Dorothy's retreat to escape her fussing family. However, she's dismayed to find she's not alone on the island. In a desperate bid for freedom, Dorothy dashes for Molly's boat but, in her haste, only succeeds in scuttling the vessel. With night drawing in and their chances of being rescued diminishing by the hour, the castaways decide to put their heads together to find a way to escape off the island. Back at the house, Paul is having a crisis of his own. He's been roped into doing the housework but is finding his domestic touch somewhat clumsy. He strikes a deal with Jess to help him but becomes uncomfortable after he suspects Jess holds secret feelings for him.moreless
  • Series Five - Episode Seven
    In Archie's absence, Lexie is determined to run the estate the way her husband would have wished, as the Highland drama continues. But a power struggle develops as Lexie takes on more of the estate's responsibilities, leaving Paul feeling increasingly side-lined. To make matters worse, Lexie is also called upon to take Archie's seat on the board of the local distillery "The Lagganmore Distillery" is in crisis; the young heiress Amanda MacLeish, wants to make savings, much to the chagrin of the head distiller, Gregor. Since she will have the casting vote, Lexie asks for more time to mull over the business dilemma. Meanwhile, the romance between Molly and Andrew blossoms and they start making plans to partition off part of Glenbogle House, so that they can live together as a married couple. But Lexie is increasingly uncomfortable with Andrew's cavalier approach to her home - though her discomfort is nothing compared with Golly's upset at the new man in Molly's life. Paul is angry that Lexie didn't consult him about the distillery business. Behind her back, he meets Amanda, who convinces him that her plans are right, and he signs the casting vote in favour of her scheme. When Lexie finds out, she is furious - and Paul's plan backfires when the distillery workers go on strike.moreless
  • Series Five - Episode Six
    Life at Glenbogle takes a dramatic turn as Archie finds himself faced with a life-changing decision and Molly embraces the idea of finding love again. Despite their best efforts, it's clear that Paul and Archie's partnership can't work. When Jess informs the brothers that she can't take Duncan's job they offer it to Duncan again, but he refuses - as far as he is concerned, it's her job by rights. In an attempt to resolve the crisis of finding Glenbogle a Head Ranger, Paul and Archie decide to give their partnership one last go. Molly is angry that Andrew has shunned her since returning from their weekend away, but he explains that he has used their time apart to come to a decision about their relationship and ask for Molly's hand in marriage. Before she can give Andrew her answer, Molly is distracted by the arrival of her daughter, Lizzie, who returns with her young daughter, Martha, in tow. Over dinner with Jess and Duncan, Golly makes the decision to act on his hidden emotions for Molly or face a lonely life on his own. A mutual misunderstanding causes Paul and Archie to exacerbate the Head Ranger crisis and it becomes clear that there can be only one laird of Glenbogle. During a heart-to-heart with Archie, Lizzie explains how she received a letter from their father, Hector, before he died in which he talked about climbing a mountain in Nepal. Much to Archie's surprise, she suggests that they climb the mountain together. Torn between his love for Glenbogle and his desire to seek new challenges in life, Archie is faced with a difficult decision - one which will have a profound effect on the family.moreless
  • Series Five - Episode Five
    An opportunistic Dorothy sets her sights on building an Eco-Dome in Glenbogle, but not everyone believes her business venture is honourable. The money-spinning tourist attraction, based on the Eden Project, requires an access road and the only viable route is through Paul's newly established Outdoor Activity Centre. Dorothy's smooth talking convinces Archie that the Eco-Dome will bring new jobs to the local area, but Lexie remains suspicious of her motives. With the Outdoor Activity Centre steadily building a strong reputation, Paul recruits local lad Ewan to help him with the day-to-day business. However, he is furious to find out that Archie has agreed to run the Eco-Dome's access road through his centre without even consulting him for his approval. In an attempt to turn the tables on Paul, Archie questions why he wasn't consulted before employing Ewan at the Outdoor Activity Centre. It seems the brothers can't find a way to work together. Out on the hills, Jess laments her unemployed status and makes the decision that she wants to work alongside her father, Golly, on Glenbogle Estate and when Duncan announces that he's going to work for Dorothy as the Eco-Dome's site manager, Jess sets her sights on the vacant position. But she soon discovers that Golly has other plans to fill the post. Encouraged by Hermione's ambitious plans for his future, Duncan embraces his new Eco-Dome role with great enthusiasm. However, his management skills fall a long way short as he finds it difficult to motivate his new workers and soon finds himself the victim of a cruel initiation prank.moreless
  • Series Five - Episode Four
    The brothers MacDonald attempt to put their differences aside and Archie decides to share more responsibilities with Paul. Archie is coaching the Glenbogle five-a-side team for their big match against Glencampbell. When Paul offers to take over Archie's coaching duties to allow him to get on with important "Estate" business, the Laird reluctantly agrees to let his brother take his place. Lexie takes young, talented footballer Angus under her wing. She soon discovers the youngster has some attitude problems and is being dogged by a mysterious old man, Hamish McKinnon. Lexie asks Paul to take it easy on Angus, but Paul doesn't think mollycoddling him is the answer to his problems. Meanwhile, mild-mannered Golly is thrown by the return of his estranged daughter, Jessica, who wants to make her home alongside her father in Glenbogle. Golly is also shocked by the news that Jess has been dating her University lecture, Dr Sean Cook, who is twice her age. Archie only dissuades Golly from traveling to Glasgow to confront Cook by volunteering to go to the city to talk to the lecturer himself, face to face. Archie's travelling companion is Duncan, who is on a secret mission to carve out a career for himself at a top Glasgow hotel. Molly, meanwhile, attempts to avoid Andrew's invitation to go away on a romantic weekend, fearing that she's not quite ready for a new romance.moreless
  • Series Five - Episode Three
    Lexie and a Glenbogle resident have made it possible to have a minibus in the village. Paul wants the Glenbogle Outdoor Activity Centre to be aimed at under privileged teenagers. This is not accepted well within the community.
  • Series Five - Episode Two
    Duncan is left in charge of his Auntie Liz's B&B. Archie and Lexie move in there because of the construction work happening at The Big House. Andrew helps Molly re-learn to drive. Golly helps Duncan impress two food writers, who are not what they at first seem.
  • Series Five - Episode One
    With the estate on an even keel financially Archie is bored and looking for new challenges. When Kilwille mentions he is opening a restaurant in New York Archie jumps at the chance to manage it. His dream fails to impress Lexie who wants to stay at Glenbogle.
    Kilwillie's sister Dorothy comes to stay and puts everyone's back up with her superior airs. Her plan to evict the postmistress and rent out her cottage as a holiday home is foiled by Lexie's determination. Kilwillie leaves and Dorothy stays on. Duncan gets a boost to his self-esteem when he learns he is descended from a war hero. Unfortunately the inheritance include an unexploded WWII bomb. Some how he and Archie find themselves locked in the cellar with it when it starts ticking...moreless