Monarch of the Glen

Season 3 Episode 5

Series Three - Episode Five

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Dec 02, 2001 on BBC
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Series Three - Episode Five
With the bridge repaired, Archie plans an elaborate opening ceremony. He is horrified to learn that the council have approved Stuart McIntosh's proposal to turn Ben Bogle into a holiday village. Molly enlists Duncan's help to prove that the proposed site is actually a place of historical interest but they must work against the clock if they are going to save the mountain. All Stuart's plans are scuppered when Duncan finds a secret passage full of artefacts and Lexie discovers that Stuart made a pass at Stella.moreless

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    • Archie: I'm not going anywhere till you talk to me Lex. I can stay here for days. I've got the Times crossword.

      Lexie: You're useless at crosswards.

      Archie: Exactly.

    • (Hector, locked in dungeon, hears dogs barking)

      (Duncan comes through the floor of the dungeon)

      Hector: Duncan.

      Duncan: Hector.

      Hector: Why don't you use the door like everyone else?

    • (At the bridge opening)

      Reporter: It'd be a better photo if you gave the scissors to the lady.

      Lexie: Nope, better not Arch, because the ribbon wouldn't be the only thing that I'd be snipping in half. (Lexie walks up to Stuart) I think you left these in the car. (reads card from the flowers) 'Stella, let's try again. The champagne's still on ice if you change your mind.' Well, she might not have, but I certainly have.
      (Lexie hits Stuarts with the flowers she is still holding)

      Lexie: Did I give you permission, to court courting me? (Hits!) Did I give you permission, to break my heart? (Hit!) Your nothing but a lying, cheating, two faced waste of space! (Hit!)

      Molly: Give him one for me Lexie!

      (Lexie give Stuart a final hit with the flowers that are now all over)

      (Lexie walks over to Stella)

      Lexie: If you want him, you can have him. But keep that sleazeball outta my way!

      (Lexie storms off

      Archie: (hands scissors to Molly) Mother.

      (Archie jogs to catch up with Lexie)

    • Molly: Trust my luck, Duncan. I've backed long shots before, and won.

      Duncan: Aye, but my luck's not that great, and it's me that's doing the digging.

    • (Hector asks Molly to show him how to use the manacles so that he is prepared for the dungeon tour)

      Molly: Now take it off.

      Hector: Not until you agree to a revised version of your McIntosh saga.

      (Molly smiles as she understands that she's been duped)

      (Hector starts writing his own version of what happened, with himself as the hero)

    • Hector: Had to be said, pretty good digging for a McIntosh.

    • Molly: The Oxford English Dictionary defines a dungeon as 'a subterranean stone cellar for the incarceration and correction of the guilty'. The incarceration may be over, but the correction is about to begin.

    • Duncan: Are you sure you know what it is you're dong?

      Molly: Yes Duncan. Anyway, I'm not turning back.

      Duncan: I don't even know what it is we're looking for exactly.

      Molly: The 'Three Hags', Duncan. They mark an ancient battlefield.

      (Duncan stops walking)

      Molly: And also the proposed site of Boglecroft. Or so I thought. If I could just match the two, we could scupper Stuart's plans. Well, he can't build on an historic site, can he?

      (Molly sits down on a rock)

      Molly: Let's hope Archie's having better luck than we are.

      Duncan: Nature trail 4-B.

      Molly: What?

      Duncan: The field of the Three Hags. It's on nature trail 4-B. That's one of my favourite walks!

      Molly: I don't believe it! You're a treasure! Take me to it!

      Duncan: You're here! You were sitting on one of them! These are the other two! (running towards two large stones) Ha! Ha! If only you'd told me, I could have taken you here in ten minutes!

    • Molly: ...Left, I had a good job but I left. Right, right, it jolly well serves you right. This is rather fun isn't it? Like a treasure hunt.

      (Duncan stumbles over uneven ground)

      Duncan: Are we nearly there?

      Molly: Well, we come out of the woods to the mountain path...

      (Molly looks ahead of them in confusion)

      Molly: Oh, this isn't on the map. Look. (pointing at the map) North north east.

      (Duncan flips the map over)

      Duncan: South south west.

      Molly: Duncan. What would I do without you? About turn. Left, left, I had a good job but I left.

    • (Stuart helps Hector carry a chest down to the dungeon, and then opens it to find it is full of stone)

      (The dungeon door closes with Stuart still inside)

      Hector: Candy from a baby.

      (Hector & Golly smile)

    • (Stella jobs up to Archie & Duncan)

      Stella: Archie MacDonald. I'm impressed. We don't usually see your sleepy face till ten o'clock at the earliest.

      Archie: I thought I'd take a leaf out of your book. You know what they say about the early bird?

      Stella: That would make me the worm I suppose?

      (Duncan laughs)

    • Golly: Information is power, knowledge is the key.

      Hector: Ah...?

      Golly: Surveillance, Hector. Keep a check on McIntosh's moves and then we head him off at the pass.

      Hector: Thank Heaven's I have you Golly. Stand by your man. Who is it that said that?

      Golly: Tammy Wynette.

      (Hector looks incredulous)

    • Molly: Ah, boys. Are we drinking to success?

      Archie: Not quite.

      Molly: Was the councillor not responsive?

      Archie: Yes, he was until Father referred to him as a 'jumped up dictator from the wrong of the tracks.'

    • (Hector fighting with manacles locked on Duncan's wrist)

      Hector: At least we know they work.

      Duncan: Not if we can't unlock them they don't!

      Hector: It's just a bit stiff that's all.

      Duncan: Careful, you'll bend it.

      Hector: Alright, don't panic. You know what we need don't you?

      Duncan: Help.

      Hector: Lubricating oil. Stay right where you are.

      (Duncan sits down against the dungeon wall)

    • Hector: Here, Arch, try these manacles on. They're great fun.

      Archie: You don't think you're going to find anyone daft enough to put those things on do you?

      (Archie walks away)

      (Duncan comes down into the dungeon)

      Hector: Ah, Duncan…

    • (Archie holds up Grand Opening sign for everyone to see)

      Lexie: All this time I never knew there were three G's in Glen Bogle.

      Archie: What?! (looking quickly at the sign)

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