Monarch of the Glen

Season 3 Episode 4

Series Three - Episode Four

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 25, 2001 on BBC
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Series Three - Episode Four
Building supplier Stuart McIntosh arrives to repair the bridge and immediately starts flirting with Lexie. He has some big ideas for some of the derelict cottages on the estate but Archie pulls out of a deal when he realises that Stuart is not very trustworthy. Stuart however manages to wrangle a deal out of Hector behind everyone's back much to Archie and Stella's chagrin. In the meantime Golly has made a painful reunion with his daughter Jessica. She believed he had abandoned her but discovers that he tried to maintain contact but all his gifts to her were returned by her mother unopened.moreless

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    Rae Hendrie

    Rae Hendrie

    Jessica MacKenzie

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    Simon Weir

    Simon Weir

    Stuart MacIntosh

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    Lindy Whiteford

    Lindy Whiteford


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      • (Killwillie & Hector standing at the end of a bridge)

        Killwillie: You're back in business, anyway.

        Hector: It's out of my hands, I'm afraid. I'm taking rather a back seat these days.

        Killwillie: Hm. Probably for the best. Marvellous job though I have to say.

        (Man walks up to Killwillie & Hector)

        Man: Well, it should be. That's 100 year old seasoned oak.

        Hector: Whose wood have you got for that?

        Man: Mine. I supplied it. Stuart McKintosh. (holds out a card to Killwillie)

        Hector: McKintosh?

        (Stuart nods)

        Hector: Do you realize your on MacDonald land?

        Killwillie: Hector, this is the 21st century, and the clan wars are long over.

        (Killwillie reads the card the man handed him)

        Killwillie: 'MacClain Building Materials'?

        Stuart: I had a delivery a couple miles away so I thought I'd stop by and see the finished article.

        (Horn honks)

        Stuart: Last you for generations, that will.

        Killwillie: I rather think that's about to be put to the test.

        Stuart: Who's this maniac?

        Hector: That maniac is a loyal family retainer. He's been across this bridge more times than you've had hot muffins.

        (Car comes flying down the road)

        Stuart: (Yelling at the men working on the bridge)Watch out!

        (All the men run off the bridge & Stuart jumps behind the bridge wall)

        (Hector & Killwillie look at each other & take one step back & the car comes screeching to a halt right at the end of the bridge beside them, Duncan smiling in the driver's seat)

        Killwillie: (Walking towards the car) Muscular, agile, dynamic, 24 valve, 204 BHP, 4.4 V8 engine, and a glove-box you could hold a jamboree in.

        (Hector laughs)

        (Killwillie opens the car door)

        Killwillie: After you old man.

        Hector: (As he's getting in the car) No wonder we lost at Culloden.

        (Stuart scowls from behind the bridge wall)

      • Lexi: Can I help you?
        Stuart: Uh, yeah. I was looking for the Laird.
        Lexi: Well, you won't find him in there.
        Stuart: Yeah, you're probably right. Let me give you a hand with those.
        Lexi: That's OK.
        Stuart: Ah, come on, just so I can boast to my friends.
        Lexi: What are you talking about?
        Stuart: I can tell them, truthfully, that within a minute of meeting the most gorgeous woman, I had the clothes off her.
        Lexi: Well, in that case, be my guest.
        (Lexi hands the laundry basket to Stuart)

      • Hector: No news about the wake then?

        Molly: For the last time, Hector, they're not having one.

        Hector: It's a damned disgrace! Music and dancing, that's what I want when I go, and plenty of it!

        Molly: Oh, belive me dear, there will be.

      • Killwillie: And, most importantly, no fillies, so you can always loosen the old trouser belt without fear of reprisal.
        Hector: Sounds like Heaven on Earth.
        Killwillie: Oh, better than that.
        Hector: Why wait till now to ask me?
        Killwillie: Well, 'Out of darkness cometh light.' Its only on the death of a member we can bring in flesh blood.
        Hector: I see. This chap, do I know him?
        Killwillie: Whose funeral do you think we're going to?
        Hector: Aah!
        Killwillie: Ah.

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