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  • Intelligent and thoughtful - can it immediately!

    Chanced upon this show here in South Africa. Intelligent, thoughtful, strongly acted. No wonder the studio bosses canned it - makes their other shows look like they junk they mostly are.

    Would love to see a second series.
  • Best medical show I've seen

    So sad to hear it was cancelled as we have been looking forward to season 2. You really should think about bring it back as you can see by all the reviews people want it back on!!! Anything we can do to bring it back?
  • Monday Mornings Great Show

    My wife and I loved this show. I was shocked when they canceled it. I wish they would have given it another season because I think it was as good as Grey's Anatomy.
  • What The Heck?

    It's cancelled? It was a GREAT show with a great premise. The network either didn't give it enough time - or some hospitals decided they'd sue the producers because sometimes people (doctors - hospitals) make mistakes and this would be a hospital I'd want to be a patient......... Not like Alexian Brothers where the departments don't even talk to each other - or St. Joes is Joliet, where the doctors make presumptions based on bias. Darn it - was I the last to know!?
  • Monday Mornings TV Show

    Great show & Cast!
  • One of the Best Shows - Monday Mornings!!

    Finally a show that is truly enjoyable and you are cancelling!! What is wrong with you your decisions?? Why not take off those ignorant shows with their laughing sound bites that has no bearing on "real life??" Must be a bunch of "men" that has made another stupid decision! BRING BACK MONDAY MORNINGS!!

  • Why Cancel One of The Best Shows on the Air and keep that Sniveling Dallas????

    I'm just about ready to give up on tv and only watch Netflix! Hate the "reality" tv series that are essentially all the same and keep stupid shows like Dallas that were never that great the first time around and cancel a TRULY GREAT show like this one! This was so thought-provoking and showed how realy medicine works. Loved this show!
  • Pushing Limits that Most Consider Too Controversial and Get cancelled go figure

    I am disappointed in this decision. It was finally a show that focused on the challenges and controversies that abound in the medical profession. This show was the first to show the human side of medical professionals and what they truly have to deal with. I loved it and couldn't wait to see more. Every time I get into a show that pushes the boundaries it gets cancelled, I am almost done watching TV, there just isn't intelligent and well thought stuff to watch.
  • And Yet . . .

    TNT would ponder keeping 'Dallas' on the air without JR, while cancelling the BEST original show they've had in a long time. Guess it's back to TCM for me, unless they renew 'Monday Mornings'.

    This show is so good, the cast, the story lines, everything about this show was excellent. Whoever makes these decisions is an idiot and should lose their job!
  • What???????? Cancelled

    Finally a medical drama worth watching, and not out to copy House or Grey's Anatomy (soap opera), and it gets cancelled. This show is intellectually above ground and believable. I think the people that canceled it pulled it too early. This show had/has legs. Bring it back.
  • WHY!!!!

    The best show aired this year. Finally a great hospital show with a great cast and story. Do people really prefer to see vampires and zombies????

    Please bring it back!!!
  • BRING IT BACK!!!!!

    Please bring back Monday Morning. I thought the show was well written and totally different from the other hospital dramas. The cast was great and the shows were more realistic than any others I have seen. You dropped the ball by letting this show go. BRING IT BACK!

    I really was looking forward to seeing more episodes. It had a great staff that worked well together. I loved them all. Especially Sung. You never gave it a chance. Nothing was worth watching on Monday nights but this show. Let something else go not this show.
  • Do Doctors really answer to the Chief of Staff????

    Great group of actors. Shows how a real ER works. Need more action between patients and staff. Can't wait to see the next episode.
  • Best new show this season! Loved it. Please bring back for another season!

    Awesome show. Please bring back!!
  • Better than half of the shows being renewed

    Shame a good show is being dropped when I would trade Most of the reality tv. I enjoyed all 10 episode . Would love to see another station to pick it up..
  • Bring It Back!!!!

    Is this show really canceled???? This was a great show!!! For the short time it was looked forward to watching it. I hope the network will bring it back and give it more time and press so people can enjoy it as I did.
  • when wll it be back

    when will this be back for us all to enjoy what was a great show cant wait for the return.
  • WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Another one bites the dust!!! Why do you always get rid of the good shows? You never give the shows a chance to see if it will succeed. There's quite a few people that never got chance to see this one. You took off Leverage now this one. So I'll see which one of my favorites you'll hit next. I'm beginning to hate this network!!!!
  • y?????

    I loved this show... im so upset its not on anymore :(
  • Worst case scenario, dead!

    How ironic my favorite catch phrase of the year sums up this shows renewal.

    I wonder how good shows like this get cancelled and drivel like ghost hunters comes back to haunt us every season.

  • Come Back Soon!

    Monday Mornings is one of the smartest new shows on TV. The scripts are well written, and the acting is tops. Sure hoping it'll be back for at least another 10 episodes!
  • Awesome Show

    This was captivating from the first show . One of my favorite medical shows this year Cast is fantastic excellent excellent show
  • Medical drama of the Year

    This show is really good, i must than the casting agency for bringing together such a great crew, they have kept us glued to it all through, every character adds so much value to the show, please don't even think of cancelling it.
  • Monday Mornings

    THis is one of the most realistic dramas available on television. I can't wait each week to see what the new story line is going to be. It gives everyone a new insight as to why doctors are not always hospitable & sometimes not to be very concerned with a patient.

    Every chance I have, I tell people about this show.

    I hope it's on for a very long time!!!
  • monday mornings - You go

    A show of substance and quality. As a registered nurse , I can so relate. I hope show is renewed . The actors are superb and so realistic. I look forward to every show. Time for TV to get rid of the mindless empty reality shows, and give TV substance with shows like" Monday Mornings". You will be drawn into every episode and captivated by each and every story line.
  • Awesome Show

    Don't watch many shows like that (series), however this rates a 10 IMO. Hope they keep it on the air. Great story and dialogue.

  • Good but..............................

    Thought the gratuitous shower sex scene was totally as viable a show as it was - turning into Grey's Anatomy which is a soap opera. Like "Tina" was really going to die!!
  • Better Be Renewed for next season

    Absolutely, without a doubt, the BEST show on TV. Writing is superb, acting is phenomenal and it's the fastest hour!!