Monday Night Football

Monday 8:15 PM on ESPN Premiered Sep 01, 1970 In Season


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  • monday nite foofball

    what's with the 4th string announcers , what happened to the good ones????? why the cheesy ones ???? I can not believe you have someone who killed a guy and you give him a job ,UNBELIEVABLE !!! If it was not for the fact that Denver is on Monday night football I wouldn't watch your show
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  • Mike Dumbrico

    Leading in w/ Mike Vick will lead the panthers against the eagles tonight. Then saying James stewart w/ a three yard run. I know there is no such running back on the panthers. This guy is so hung up on himself he doesn,t care about the game
  • Gruden is the new Jaws

    Unbelievably biased. Similar to small town broadcasts of high school games. Ridiculously unprofessional.
  • Ray Lewis - the only reason to watch MNF on ESPN!

    What a fantastic addition to MNF. Ray has brought his passion from the field to live tv broadcasting. I don't even care who plays anymore (unless it's my Jets) I appreciate his honesty & passion for the game. Let's stop worrying about flags & penalties and just play football. Keep up the good work Ray, you always look like a million bucks & you talk the talk and walk the walk. Hallelujah!
  • NBC fumbles MNF

    I had to start using the mute button for MNF when Gruden's mouth was trying to make viewers think he knew all there was to know about football but. I always listened to Faith Hill sing before I muted but now that you've replaced the only good thing from the program and substituted it with Carrie Undertalented I will simply just use the mute button always.
  • MOnday Night Football

    Gruden has to GO.... The Mouth has to go, period... I mute my TV can stand to listen to him any more.

    He never shuts up and every player is great until he makes a mistake.
  • A clever title goes here!

    if gruden knew as much as he thinks does he would still be coaching. I mute all monday night games because of him.
  • Great!!

    Love Jon Gruden. Wish the other guys would go away.
  • Dennis

    Seattle gets gift from terrible officials. The NFL is now a joke. Coaches shouldn't "touch" officials like on Sunday. Maybe they should just deck them after the terrible job last night in Seattle. As a Cowboy fan, I am shocked at how GB got screwed on the final play. The Commissioner should fire the refs from last nights game and they RESIGN FOR THE GOOD OF THE GAME....he has no control, no clue and is now ruining the game week after week with this officiating fiasco. Tate knows he lied twice...he was guilty of blantant offensive pass interferance and holding the ball to the chest of an opposing player is not catching the ball in anyone's mind but his own delusional mind
  • Seattle/Green Bay

    If the announcers can't be unbiased and not comment on the poor calls by the officiating team then the small market teams should not even play - this game was a joke!!!! If the referees don't bail out GB on third down calls this would have been an upset.

    If the NFL isn't going to support a level playing field cancel the games for about 20 teams.
  • Boo to Monday Night Football Commentator

    Sea-bags? Sea-bags? In the leadup to MNF one of the commentators said "Sea-bags"? I could not believe my ears! I don't know who this disrespectful jerk thinks he is, but what he said was not only disrespectul, it was totally uncalled for, denigrating, and disgusting. This was obviously not just a case of "poking fun", this was a slur, a deliberate slur on the Seahawks on national television. I hope this guy and his horrible comment get just freaking blasted by fans everywhere!
  • If there's actually anything good about Mondays, well, this would be it.

    The NFL is the most prestigious professional sports league in America with more followers and fans than the NBA, MLB, etc. However, Monday is the most hated and scrutinized day as well. You mix these two together, and I think football has more awesomeness to it than Monday has suck. With Mike Turico, Ron "Jaws" Jaworski, and John Gruden sprinkled in, Monday Night Football provides a little happiness at the end of a long day that usually sucks. Bravo.
  • monday night fooball program that comes every monday night that makes you want to have your friends over and have pizza and drinks and all sorts of party food just to cheer for your team

    monday night football has been going since 1970 and i agree its a really good show. i watch it every monday since i am a huge sports fan you kinda have to be to watch it. since its all fotoball. i love it football . it draws in alot of good ratings and alot viewers. each team practily always if your good enough has a monday night game. and there always good key matchups that everyone waits for like the colts or the pats or other teams. i enjoy it and watch the monday night football its always exciting i think.
  • Fun stuff.

    The show may not have its same entertaining broadcasters as before, but the show still is a good fix for football. I like the fact that there are still some good games on each year. I seem to grow tired of the same kind of elements that are still around on the production of the show, but I have to say that it still is a decent show to watch if you don't mind the medicore broadcasting and analogy. Overall, I must say this is a show that still has some entertainment value, but not as good as it once was. Thank you.
  • Aweasome.. who could not like it??

    Summary:"Monday Night Football really got on the air because of Pete Rozelle," recalls former producer Don Ohlmeyer. Indeed, it was Rozelle's reputation for public relations and marketing that created a prime-time venue for the National Football League.

    The prototypes for Monday Night Football were those annual Monday night games staged from 1966 to 1969 inclusive on CBS. St. Louis hosted three of them, and it seemed natural for the NFL to make Monday night their regular turf.

    The only trouble was, Rozelle couldn't get a network to agree. CBS did not want to lose Gunsmoke. NBC had Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In, TV's highest-rated show the past two years. Even ABC, floundering in third place in the ratings, was unsure. Rozelle then threatened to put the Monday night package in syndication via the Hughes Television Service. So ABC bought in.

    In conclusion Monday Night Football is awesome and gets better every year...
  • Monday night football rox! Should be back on ABC!

    I think "Monday night football" just rox, because I am a sports fan, especially football! I like the music and the graphics that are shown as the analysts discuss the game. I especially like when it is a good matchup and/or features my favorite teams, as last night's (10/13)match did! The Cleveland Browns (that's my town) and the New York Giants are two of my favorite teams. Last night was a fun game for the Browns and their fans. As a Clevelander, I was pleased with the outcome. I felt it was a much needed win for the Browns, and it was huge--over the Super Bowl champs though I felt a bit sorry for the Giants, but I think last night the Browns just wanted it more than they did. They played their butts off. Congratulations to the Browns. And long live "Monday night football"! It should return to ABC!
  • Who doesn't love Monday night Football?

    The average football-loving school kid needs time to relax after a hard day at school on Monday and watch football. Who doesn't love guys on a 100-yard football field trying to kill each other without any weapons what-so-ever. Who doesn't love it when your 2 favorite teams sqarue off on primetime and just battle it out for a playoff spot. You get to see new faces to Monday night and possible record-breaking plays and game-winning touchdowns. Hail Marys that go 90 yards and some of the best plays of the year. Football, the best sport, on the worst day, Monday. Let's go football.
  • It really depends on the matchup that night but I enjoy it

    Some Mondays I might skip because they might have a matchup that I don't feel like watching at that time. My two teams in the NFl are The Giants and The Indianapolis Colts but if they ain't playing on monday I will still catch the game on Monday it just depends on the two teams that are playing and if any hype surrounds that game. But I'm glad they have the Monday night game schedule and I enjoy the show when I can. This is something you could watch on mondays if you don't have any other things to watch on monday like me. The only other show I watch on monday is CSI: Miami
  • Men and mini-men (like me) need some time to relax and watch some good ol' football. Especially on the worst day of the week: Monday.

    Like I said, us mini-men who have to go to school on Mondays need something to look forward too that evening, and Monday Night Football provides us with the relaxation and entertainment we need to make us happy and joyful, - for the next Monday game of America's game. FOOTBALL. And what also gave me the relaxation was having a football game to look forward to on Christmas Eve last year when my Dallas Cowboys hosted the Philadelphia Eagles, too bad we loss. That stunk. But it also provides us with good games like Chicago Bears @ Arizona Cardinals from early in the season. A great comeback for the might Bears, 25-23 I think.
  • How do u not watch this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Guys lets get this straight o.k.-Everyone likes football, everyone likes Monday Night Football, it is a huge event every week during the season.But come on Trico, Kornheiser, and Theisman. Theisman isn't bad but the other guys-just stick to PTI,o.k. My gosh-put Al and John back on there. But I do like the pregame show its pretty cool. Even this review isnt for Sunday night football- I like that countdown too. Who doesn't? But in the end football is the best sport to watch in America-there is no comparision. That's my opinion but of course you have your own too and I hope all of you reading this agree with me. Well I gotta go. Be sure to check out more of my reviews on American Idol, Drake and Josh, and House. See Ya
  • was the change for the better

    was the change for the better, i mean really. John Madden was one of worst sports broad casters ever and needs to just retire. that was probally the highlight to the new monday night football but it didnt make me feel any happier when he went to sunday night football. Sunday night football has big games but john madden. Al Micheals, if you read this get john to retire and pick a whole new partner. Monday nights always worry about a bunch of stupid stuff. like their favorites Terell owens and Randy moss. this show is getting into the big stars instead of the games. just play football and just show football.

    Monday Night Football, the most recognised name in Football, why wouldnt you watch it. Monday Night Football is what the name means, some good old American Football on Monday Night. So go and find whatever channel it is on and get some Beer, some Pretzels and a bag of chips and have your buddies come over to watch Americas REAL passtime.
  • I like Football since i was a 6 year old boy im 12 now.... read on....

    Monday Night Football is great its not a show of episodes or Season Number but its a great sport i play it myself... see my blog. Im a Jaguars Fan since i knew Football excited 6 years ago..there a great team i wonder if i would play for them? i hope they win the Super Bowl this year. the Greastest sport ever along with Soccer and Basketball.
  • Monday Night Football, well you either hate it or love it, if you like football you'll love it, the game of football is getting better every season and is always new and fun to me. I Watch most games and will continue doing so.

    I personally love football, it's a great time to hang out with friends, family and relax, watch a great game, and then tune out. It's a nice feeling to have your favourite team win the superbowl, or if the QB of your team makes an amazing pass that you just rewind and watch over and over again. It amazes you at how talented these people are and inspirese you to try being your best in the sport that your good at. It's a great show if you like sports, and hopefully one day the Falcons will win the Superbowl :) if not i guess the eagles should win it.
  • A great football program.

    This is a great football show with 2 NFL teams every Monday night during the football season. I'm glad it's going to ESPN because I really do not care for John Madden. i use to love Al Michaels but I think John has really pulled his talent level down. I wish Al would have stayed with ABC. Well. I guess nobody asked me. John was good for about3 years or so then all of his BS got really old. I't like going to see an uncle that tells the same joke all the time. And then tells it again . Boom right there again.
  • Monday Night Football is the biggest and primary viewing of prime time sports. It sparked a whole genernation of future prime time sports. It has gone through many phases, yet it is still the popular sports show on the air even though it went off the air

    Monday Night Football is a great time to sit down and enjoy the great product that the NFL produces because it has brought many good moments and memories. It is sad to see ABC Sports leaving MNF because they had 38 great seasons. The best thing about MNF is that for 16 weeks of the fall we get to watch the best sport in the world for 3 hours on a Monday Night in prime time.
  • I love this show!!

    I love this show when I was 11. I can thank my big brother because of it. The trio I grew up with was Frank Gifford, Al Michaels, and Dan Dierdorf. Because to me they are like Gifford, Don Meredeth, & Howard Cosell in my generation.
    Though I like Al & John Madden. Will be wierd looking at MNF on ESPN starting in 2006.
  • Futbol Americano!

    Football baby! Can you dig it!?!? Is there anything more American now-a-days than a good ol' day on the Gridiron? I don'think so. My Sunday tv viewing is just full of football and then I save my Monday nights so I can enjoy hearing even more bone-shattering hits and great commentary from a couple of legends. Monday Night Football is a spectacle. Some people may think it has lost its luster but the game that was just on this past Monday (San Diego v. Pitts) made everybody again realize how sweet it is! Football is definitly America's real past-time and Monday Night Football is a great way to pay tribute.
  • The name says it all and for 30 yrs the show has been an American institution.

    The sports weekend is never done in the fall until the final gun sounds late on Monday nights. This brainchild of Pete Rosell has become an American institution since its inception in 1974. For the sports fan Monday Night Football gives the viewer one added dose of enjoyment to tide you over for the rest of the school/work week. At times the show has had as much controversy as any. At the begining those in the know said it would never work, a sports program at night. The announcers and the changes in the announcers always brings about debates among the sports community. This is one show that for many of its fans is a never miss proposition. From last minute gambling to playoff ramifications MNF is one of TV's all time hits.
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