Money From Strangers

MTV - Music Television Premiered Jan 01, 2012 Between Seasons


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  • hollarioseee.

    I just watched the show Nd it was amazing i laughed and laughed.

    I just wish yall can come down to houston tx. Everyhings always in far places. I would love to be on yiur show to win some easy fun money :) please come to houston id like a try at it!!!
  • Let the Shenanigans Ensue

    This show is laugh out loud funny. Comedian Jeff Dye, along with guest comedians, show off their wit with spur of the moment pranks pulled off by strangers. The strangers are on hidden camera and are connected via an ear piece to the Comedians watching in an undisclosed location. The directions from the comedians range from humiliating to destructive, but it's all in good fun. It's funny to see what the comedians come up with for pranks and even better to watch how people react to the pranks, usually cringing with embarrassment, but often completely caught up in the prank.
  • God Awful

    Gives me anxiety just watching it. Not very entertaining or positive in any way. Trash of TV, should be on with Jerry Springer and Divorce Court.