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Monica's Gang

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Monica's Gang is a show from Brazil. It initially aired in a Brazilian channel called Globo, but they only aired some "1 minute episodes" and a couple of regular ones. Then GLOBO decided to cancell it and Brazilian Cartoon Network bought some of the episodes and started airing some old episodes that were previously sold in stores in the "Monica's Gang" videotapes. It also airs in Italy in a channel called RaiDue. In Italy it airs every morning and is watched as much as Sponge Bob.

The show is about a gang of friends who are very unusual: Monica, the leader, is very strong and has a spicy mood so don't say anything that could make her mad, or you're gonna feel the wight of her bunny toy; Jimmy Five, he has like five hairs and loves to make Monica angry, but deep inside, he and Monica love each other; Smudge, he is very smelly and is very afraid of water; Maggy, she is hungry all the time and also the most responsible one of the group. There are other characters in the show too, but these ones are the most important and appear pretty much in all the episodes.

The gang is very funny and talk about some problems of the world.


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AIRED ON 2/16/2007

Season 7 : Episode 131

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