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flub in recent episode aired

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    [1]Feb 16, 2009
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    I live with a person who watches this show Monk from time to time
    on tv. Just recently on 2/15 an episode was aired where monk was solving
    a murder in an elevator where a woman was choked to death and it was in
    a las vegas casino. I noticed a flub with this episode at one point. At
    the very end of this episode Monk walks by a wall containing the name
    of the casino. Something I noticed the name of the casino was called the
    Montecito which is the name the casino on the former nbc show las vegas
    which is a casino that doesn't really exist. Which most mean that they shot
    that episode on the set of the show las vegas.
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    If you look under the trivia for that episode (Mr. Monk Goes to Vegas) you will see what your talking about is mentioned under the trivia section. Here is the link:;title;15
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