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Huge jump in TV.Com ranking ...

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    [1]May 10, 2009
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    I have just started following Monk and have fallen in love with the show.
    I have been watching the show from Season 1 and have so far completed watching Season 2 and plan to continue on from there.

    Anyways, the reason I am writing this post is that I found out that the show took a huge leap in the ratings between Season 3, Ep 9 and Season 3, Ep 10.;3

    Till episode 9 of season 3, the ratings would be around 6ish and 7ish (at max)
    From Ep 10 onwards, the rating hasn't come down below 9. Wonder why that is.

    Also a point to consider is that Sharona (Bitty Shram) left the show in Ep 9 and was replaced with Traylor (Natalie Teeger).
    The two episodes were also aired 4 months apart. Ep 9 in August while Ep 10 in Jan next year.

    I am really curious in knowing the reason as to why the ratings jumped so dramatically?
    Maybe Monk Veterans who have been following the show during that period could point some important information out.

    I haven't watched Season 3 - so I do not know for sure, but some of the theories I have are as follows:

    1. The show actually improved that much.
    2. More marketing for the show -> more people watching, better votes?
    3. Natalie Teeger is that much better than Bitty Shram in pulling audiences?
    4. TV.Com changed its ratings policy?
    5. Producers and networks started spiking the ratings on TV.Com?
    (I compared the no. of votes - and did not find much difference between the two parts)

    Any ideas?

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