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Monk Season 1 Episode 7 Billionaire Mugger

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    [1]Jun 18, 2011
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    1. Hello, my name's Julie.

    2. I didn't understand some of the incidents in Billionaire Mugger, so is anyone able to answer my questions about the Episode called Billionaire Mugger?

    3.In the episode Billionare Mugger, I know that the ex-cop asked the Billionaire to pretend to be a mugger. I also know that the ex-cop killed the Billionaire on purpose.

    4. At the beginning of the episode, the ex-cop lied, "I shot the Billionaire Mugger in self-defense."

    5. At the beginning of the episode, the ex-cop pulled out the gun & the Billionaire Mugger stopped moving. Even though the Billionaire Mugger stopped moving, the ex-cop still shot the Billionaire Mugger. Is that Self-Defense to you?

    6. How did the Police believe that the Ex-Cop killed the Billionaire Mugger in Self-Defense?

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