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Mr Monk Falls In Love and Writers' Ignorance

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    [1]Aug 24, 2008
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    I think that writers crossed a line in this episode. Using fictional country and mixing polish and russian langugae is in a matter of fact insulting. Zemenia is supposed to be a country from eastern europe and according to writers it is constantly in war for 600 years. There are no wars in this part of Europe and none of the Eastern Europe countries is in any kind of armed conflict.

    I get it, they hired Polish actress so she can speak fluently 'Zemenian' language, but why Monk is trying to speak Russian ? Is this just a writers' ignorance or what ?

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    [2]Aug 25, 2008
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    About the Polish thing, yeh my Mom brought that to my attention. Heck, my aunt called my Mom that night and the two laughed about it.

    As for the country...

    They probably went 100% fiction because they didn't want to hit close to home with real-life conflicts.

    It's a fictional work, about fictional characters, in a fictional unverse. A typical example of this is how some shows will have the current (or past) President be someone completely made up. They could even one day have an episode that refers to a abrief armed conflict with Canada in the 1950s. Its their sandbox, they can do what they want so long as the main story is alright.

    Fine, the writers could have made Monk's new crush someone from Africa or the middle-East where there have been recent concficts but they probably didn't want to hit close to home. Save for the murder drama, they try to keep the show light-hearted.

    It's the same reason why comedies tend stay away from the topic of 9/11. Pure dramas like Law and Order will embrace it, but comedies don't want the viewers to start thinking about depressing things.

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    [3]Aug 27, 2008
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    I didn't catch this writer blooper. That's too bad when the Writers don't do the

    But overall I didn't really like the way this episode was written. We all realize that Monk has quirks because of all of his phobia's. The Character isn't an idiot, and I really thought this episode made Monk look exactly that way. Especially when he first met her, and couldn't speak! Generally, the character does things that are quirky that make him endearing to the viewer, but to me this did not! This episode made Monk look foolish!

    Did I still enjoy the episode, of course......but I hope they keep true to Monks character with his phobia's, rather than making the character just look silly.

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    [4]Sep 14, 2008
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    because it's TELEVISION

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