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Official Discussion - Mr. Monk Gets Lotto Fever

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    [21]Aug 5, 2008
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    This ep ranked #9 out of the Top 20 Cable shows for week Aug 3rd

    4.605 million viewers


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    [22]Aug 5, 2008
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    Boy, what a bunch of complainers.

    1. one poster complained that Monk was devoid of emotion in the Genius episode. On one hand it is good that Monk doesn't show all those fears that make him a caricature; he wasn't a caricature (clown) in Genius and Lotto eps. On the other hand, he sure showed emotion as the wife's plight paralleled the Trudy case, and Monk was thinking of planting evidence, so he was not devoid of emotion. He sure showed good/funny emotion in Lotto.

    2. I thought Randy had at least one good line in Lotto: when Monk complains that Natalie is stealing his "you'll thank me" line, Randy mutters "tell me about it" (in reference to the cop stealing Randy's "her number was up" [or whatever] line). Great. (Also good: at the end when he told the murderer that he had the right to remain silent, he replied, "I will, if you will.")

    3. there were only slight similarities to scenes from other episodes. Approaching 100 episodes, it would be impossible to make each episode 100% unlike another. Doesn't bother me. In everyone's life, there are similar happenings; you don't stop living because everything isn't fresh (just a joke)! ... .... .... A gift to the complainers: something no one mentioned on any of these boards: the Lotto episode was similar to the fine Monk Goes Home Again ep in that in both episodes the murderer had to to try to undo/change his devious plot after something went wrong. In Home he was discovered (and fired?) replacing the poison, and in Lotto he was fired so he couldn't remove the magnet -- somewhat similar.

    4. in the Genius episode, the switching of tombstones was a stretch. One poster says it was difficult to do. Sure. Needed for the clever plot. Wisely, they just never bothered to say how it was done! It's a TV show after-all.

    5. to me, all the episodes are made for comedy. The crime-detective aspects usually are far-fetched in some ways at least half the time.

    6. no reason Natalie should be overly upset about being implicated in the rigging in Lotto -- she did nothing wrong, and there was no evidence to the contrary.

    7. I found all of the seasons similar in that they all had good and bad episodes. The three best episodes --IMHO-- were made recently: Gets a New Shrink, The Actor, and Biggest Fan. Genius and Lotto are not far behind. Not going downhill. The Psychic episode (shown right after the pilot ep), incidentally was the most far-fetched/illogocal ep. in many ways IMHO.
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    WOW!!! So glad that we are all entitled to our own opinions. Just wish others would respect those opinions and not be called names for their opinions. That's what makes people not want to come to the boards and share. I wrote a blog about that actually . Or if we are going to go back and forth can we start a new forum so others don't have to be involved. I don't know maybe it's the flower child coming out of me, lmao! Anyway, that's just IMO. . Well one thing we all have in common is we have very strong opinions!! And for the record...I love you all! And Monk too!
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    [24]Aug 6, 2008
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    Melzias wrote:
    This was the best episode of the season so far. Hopefully it only gets better from here.

    I thought this episode was very good too! I really loved how Natalie loved the fame of it all, it was really funny! Especially when Mr. Monk thought people were noticing who he was but really it was Natalie!
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    [25]Aug 11, 2008
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    sundance_kid_85 wrote:

    1. plot lines: repetitive, not that interesting anymore. look at the plot of 'mr monk gets lotto fever': does it look similar to (aham) 'mr monk and the game show' ? the games are made up, someone in the back stages are cheating so that someone wins 'the big prize', another one gets killed (only in this case, it's the host), in the first one monk solves the mystery by going on stage, this time natalie goes on stage. and what worries me is the list of upcoming episodes. there's 'mr monk gets hypnotized' or something which sounds pretty much like 'mr monk takes his medicine'.

    And every case, every murder case that you hear on TV, is original? Of course there's going to be similarities because life itself isn't a bunch of random, crazy original ideas. I mean at first of course they're fresh and new, but that's only because the show is fresh and new. But as the show goes on for awhile, it's very hard to keep it original.

    Just be glad that there aren't aliens, and magic in Monk because while that would be original for a show like Monk, it would still be horrible for this kind of show.

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    If there were any magicians involved, Monk would probably blurt out how he/she performed the tricks and that would be bad for the magician's business.
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    How about they do an episode where the bad guy travels to the future to kill someone, and it's Monk's job to prevent it. That would be pretty original for this show.
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    im not sure why people are saying that the show is going downhill. to me, all 5 episodes of season 7 have been great. and mr. monk and the genious is my favorite episode to date.
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