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Official Discussion Thread: Mr. Monk Fights City Hall (possible spoilers)

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    [21]Feb 27, 2009
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    A much better than average episode. You certainly can't say they "jumped the shark" or are coasting to the end of the series.[/QUOTE]

    As Monk, himself, might put it: "Well, actually, you CAN say they jumped the shark. Because, the antonym implies an inability to say it (like with laryngitis); not unwillingness. Hence, the correct wording should be 'you shouldn't....' or 'you mustn't...' etc. etc. "

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    Maybe there is a clue into Trudy's murder in this episode?

    Crawford was arrested for murdering Councilwomen Eileen Hill.

    We all know that one of the key suspects in Trudy's murder was Dale the Whale,

    and we know he didn't do it, but he was involved in some way or he knows something.

    Crawford said he married a billionaire's daughter in this episode.

    Could he be the son-in-law of Dale the Whale???

    He didn't want the garage to be torn down!

    Maybe he knew if they tore it down, new evidence would be found.

    This is a stretch, but it could be a lead into next season?

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